8+ Timeline Templates for Kids – DOC, PDF


Kids can get a bit stubborn, mostly when they have nothing important to do. Parents are always trying their best to keep their kids busy, and how they can spend their week or even the month can help a lot. Timeline template for kids are the single most useful tools parents can use to plan what their kids will do or take part in on a daily.

Sample Blank History Timeline Templates for Kids PDF

sample blank history timeline templates for kids pdf

This blank history timeline templates for kids comes with a timeline bar in the middle. The little ones would be able to document up to 6 events to be placed in boxes above and below the timeline.

Printable Sample Blank Timeline Templates for Kids

printable sample blank timeline templates for kids

This blank timeline template would allow your kid to come up with an elaborate timeline of events. He can include up to as many as 12 events which are to be placed in the boxes.

Printable My Life Timeline Template for Kids

printable my life timeline template for kids

This is a real cute life timeline template for kids up to 11 years. The timeline starts with the birth of the child, followed by important events like getting a pet, admission in school, a memorable trip till the current day.

Blank Daily Timeline Template for Kids Example

blank daily timeline template for kids example

This timeline template will help your little one to record the important world events taking place from 1938 to 1944. The images above each box will help to understand the event to be noted inside the boxes.

Sample Student Newspaper Timeline Template For Kids

sample student newspaper timeline template for kids

If your little one needs help in writing a newspaper article about a person’s early life, you are getting a readymade newspaper timeline template here. The template also contains instructions on what to write where.

Make a Timeline in Social Studies for Student Kids

make a timeline in social studies for student kids

Create Online My Life Timeline Template Example

create online my life timeline template example

Roadmap and Timeline Template for Kids Free

roadmap and timeline template for kids free

The timeline template are available in Word and Excel format download, with the most popular example being the Excel ones. The free samples available for download are easy to customize, so you can randomly edit them if you want them to look a little bit more personalized.

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