9+ Best Catering Brochure Templates

A small book or a pamphlet containing pictures and information about a product or service given by a particular company is a brochure. Brochure templates are used to introduce a company/organization, its products or services and inform potential customers or members of the public of the benefits it provides.

5 Steps to Create a Catering Brochure

Step 1: Layout and Design

Firstly, choose the type of brochure you want- a half fold, a tri-fold, a gatefold, a cross-fold, the Z fold or the die-cut fold. Once you decide on which type of brochure you want, then you can choose the design and the layout for your brochure. Keep your brochure short. Use the best colours and design for your brochure.

Step 2: The Front Cover

The front cover s the most important part of your brochure. Insert the company’s logo, motto, information and the services you provide. so that your readers can understand all of what you give them. Use captivating headlines, so your readers will be eager to see what is inside the brochure.

Step 3: Work on the Inside Panel

Add compelling photos and graphics that represent your company, with possible texts required. Keep your audience in mind while designing your brochure. Be wise in choosing the colour combination of your brochure. The most important benefit of your food product or service should be in the headline. Keep your restaurant’s food identity in mind before you decide what to write.

Step 4: Remaining Inside Spreads

Choose a theme for each of the panels. Themes include a description of different products and services, company history, company’s contributions to charity and help, etc. On one of the sides, write a brief description of what your catering service does and include pictures and images of your food, product or services that you provide. It is very important that you do not annoy the readers with the colours and texts you choose to display in your brochure.

Step 5: The Back Cover

Choose the right font and information to be provided in your brochure, with the right size, so that all the information you want to provide fits in perfectly with the type of brochure you choose. Incorporate good colour in your brochures. Your readers shouldn’t get visually assaulted with the colours you choose, hence, keep them simple and attractive. Include your company’s contact information like the website, phone number, email id, etc. Also, if you have sponsors who fund you, mention them as a sign of gratitude.

9+ Catering Brochure Templates

1. Free Catering Brochure Template

free catering brochure template
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Size: A4, US


Check out this pretty, professional-quality catering brochure template. it is easy to customize its features, it has eye-catching titles. The above food brochure template provides a wide range of events, courses and packages to its customers. Do not forget to mention who you are and what all services you provide. Contact information is very important, as that is the only way people can get to you.

2. Catering Service Brochure

catering-service-brochure Download

The above template shows you a bakery catalogue brochure. The brochure should contain details like- your catering service’s name, where you are located, your website details, phone number and email id. Try making the front page of your catalogue brochure as interesting and colourful as possible because it shows details of what you are going to say inside. It should be able to catch the reader’s eye.

3. Simple Catering Brochure Template

simple-catering-brochure-template Download

Your personalized catering service should consist of all the possible events your company caters for. Events like weddings, parties, ceremonies, etc. and the type of cuisines you provide for each of them. Mention all the possible cuisines you provide in your catering service. Also, don’t be afraid to try out new cuisines from time-to-time. This will increase the chances of increased profit for your catering services.

4. Catering Brochure Design for Restaurant

catering-brochure-design-for-restaurant Download

A restaurant is believed to have many cuisines and dishes available their disposable that are cooked fresh for customers. For that, it is necessary that your restaurant should also have one of the best brochures to make it look inviting and homely. The pictures of the dishes you use should show what you provide and make your customers mouth water. There are many restaurant food brochures available online. Choose the best one that suits your catering service.

5. Sushi Menu Catering Food Brochure

sushi-menu-catering-food-brochure Download

Give a detailed list, like the template above, which gives details of the Japanese dish sushi with the price. This will not only make your brochure look good, but will also provide details of the ingredients in the food that are used. This illustrious brochure is made to make a professional, clean style and is stylishly designed for your catering service.

6. Catering Tri-Fold Brochure Template

catering-tri-fold-brochure-template Download

Any sheet of paper or cardboard, folded into three sections along two parallel lines and is used to present information, typically as a brochure or pamphlet is called a tri-fold brochure. You have to make use of all the space to create a beautiful catering service brochure for your company when you use a restaurant tri-fold brochure. Mention all the possible details and services that your service provides and make it look vibrant with better colours and fonts.

7. Pastry Corporate Catering Brochure

pastry-corporate-catering-brochure Download

Let pastry lovers know of all the yummy treats your catering service can provide for their upcoming event with these fast food pastry catering brochures templates. It is completely customizable with mouth-watering images, eye-catching colours, and other elements that make your catering service stand out.

8. Holiday Corporate Catering Brochure

holiday-corporate-catering-brochure Download

Team lunches and group activities build the employee productivity faster than anything else can in the corporate world because this makes all of them understand the people they are working with and helps them create a comfortable environment at work. A holiday corporate catering mainly focuses on providing each employee with a choice to choose the dish he/she wants from an online website of their restaurant. This way, everyone gets what they want and can have a tasty meal with their colleagues.

9. Food Catering Brochure Template



There are millions of free brochure templates available to design your brochures in your own way and make it look professional and suitable for your company. The type of food differs from occasion to occasion. Your brochures should follow the same too. Make sure that you design your brochure in a way that attracts the reader’s eye and makes their mouth water with the pictures of a few of the tasty dishes you provide.

10. Wedding Catering Brochure

wedding-catering-brochure Download

Weddings are special occasions, so your food should be special too. Give all the wedding guests a gist of all of the dishes you are providing. As each wedding can have a particular theme, follow the theme of the wedding. Have a food-tasting, so the bride and groom can decide whether or not they want your services.

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