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Table of Contents

  1. 5 Helpful Steps to Create a Catering Banner
  2. 7+ Catering Banner Templates
  3. 1. Catering Service Banner Ads
  4. 2. Catering Service Roll Up Banner Template
  5. 3. Catering Service Ads Banner Template
  6. 4. Catering Restaurant Web Banner
  7. 5. Kitchen Catering Banner Example
  8. 6. Catering Service Promotional Banner
  9. 7. Creative Catering Logo Banner
  10. 8. Catering Flat Horizontal Banner

7+ Catering Banner Templates

As catering companies serve a large number of people, it is essential that they make their services known to their prospective clients by indulging in eye catching and impressive banners. These banners can be effortlessly designed through the catering banner designs & templates without making life difficult for you!

5 Helpful Steps to Create a Catering Banner

Step 1 : Select a Suitable Size for your Banner

There are plenty of standard sizes one can use for creating a perfect catering banner. As your requirements for the advertising could anywhere vary from real life to digital platform, you can select various sizes or templates from the Free ad banner templates The size of your banner should be chosen in such a way that all the necessary details should be able to fit in easily without making any data look very out of place.

Step 2 : Choose a Background Picture

This is a very important step as the background picture speaks volumes about your advertisement. If you want the make the most of your advertisement and sell your services like hot cakes, then choosing the right background is crucial. The picture itself should be so attractive that people will want to know what the banner is all about.

Step 3 : Pick the Right Font

The right font can make all the right difference in your catering advertisement. It should boost the vibe and enhance the look of your banner. Choose the appropriate font for the heading, sub title and paragraphs. With the help of free banner templates you can download and incorporate your ideas in the template to make the most of your banner.

Step 4 : Review your Banner

Once you have figured out the image, font and graphics to be used in the, check if all the elements go well once they are combined together. If something feels out of the place, make necessary changes and check again. At the end of the process, you should feel satisfied with the outcome. Look at it from the client point of view, that way you will know if any information has to be eliminated or added.

Step 5 : Finalize and Print

The final step of this process is to confirm the details and look of the banner. You can also check out the printable banner templates. Depending on the place where you would like to place your banner, get the size of the banners finalized. After that you can print a rough copy to see if it looks good. Then, you can move on to take the final print. Make sure the resolution of your Catering banner is high and of good quality. Now, you are all set and ready to hang them in crowded places or post on any digital platform.

7+ Catering Banner Templates

1. Catering Service Banner Ads

catering service banner ads
File Format
  • Photoshop

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2. Catering Service Roll Up Banner Template

catering service roll up banner template
File Format
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Pages

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3. Catering Service Ads Banner Template

catering service ads banner template
File Format
  • PSD

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The Catering banner is one of those banner templates you surely cannot miss. It is google ad words optimized with 10 Ad sizes that are available in various shapes such as vertical, rectangular, leader board etc. It has eye catching headings. The colors can be changed as per your liking and it is easy to edit. It has a resolution of 72 DPI and can be downloaded in any file format at any time

4. Catering Restaurant Web Banner

catering restaurant web banner

The following catering banner template as shown in the figure, comes in fully layered with an easy edit option. It can be used for catering or restaurant promotions. With its unique and professional look, it is sure to impress a lot of people. It includes 10 standard web banner sizes. One can also take a look at the restaurant roll-up banner templates for more such options.

5. Kitchen Catering Banner Example

kitchen catering banner example

Designed to make heads turn without a doubt, this kitchen catering template gives an example of the bold statement you can make for your catering services. Amp up your banner look with a template like this using sample banner templates. It is customizable and serves as a perfect design for restaurants, chef’s, catering companies, bakeries etc.

6. Catering Service Promotional Banner

catering service promotional banner

Banners can either be used a standalone or a pop-up version. Try to make your banners look as colorful and pleasing as possible. Use proper fonts and extras, so that it makes the banner look beautiful for your catering services. The above banner template has a theme of a renaissance event and it is a promotional template.It is easy to edit and print anytime and anywhere.

7. Creative Catering Logo Banner

creative catering logo banner

Creative logos for your catering services are very important. The beautiful the banner is, the more attention it is bound to get from people. These banners can be hanged or placed at crowded public places so that people can view it and contact you if needed. The banner should have the logo of your catering service as well as the address and contact details.

8. Catering Flat Horizontal Banner

catering flat horizontal banner

The above shown Catering Flat horizontal banner shows how a catering restaurant and canteen serve freshly cooked meals in 3 different flat banner designs. The first one talks about A Lunch shore- a type of lunch/meal that is specifically made only for you. The second one shows a Canteen – where you can buy meals of your choice also acting as a cafeteria. And finally last but not the least, a Service restaurant- where A’La Carte menu is present and food is served at your own table by waiters and waitresses.

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