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Table of Contents

  1. Create a Catering Flyer In 6 Useful Steps
  2. 8+ Catering Flyer Templates
  3. 1. Catering Flyer Template
  4. 2. Catering Service Flyer Template
  5. 3. Food Catering Flyer Template
  6. 4. Chef Hat Catering Menu Flyer
  7. 5. Catering Food Flyer Template
  8. 6. Catering Service Flyer Template
  9. 7. Luxury Restaurant & Catering Flyer
  10. 9. Catering Cupcake Bakery Pastry Chef Flyer

7+ Best Catering Flyer Templates

A well-designed catering flyer will help you boost your catering business to the maximum by gaining attention from as many potential clients as possible. As the flyers are widely circulated in the public for marketing and promotional activities, they can be impressively designed using the flyer templates.

Create a Catering Flyer In 6 Useful Steps

Step 1: Select a Flyer Template

There is a wide range of free flyer templates that are available for use upon instant download. They come with ready-made sizes and special designs so you don’t have to worry about investing a lot of time and effort in creating a new one from scratch.

Step 2: Decide on the Colors and Fonts

The colors and fonts can either brighten or dampen the look of your flyer. Figure out different colors that would suit well for the theme you have decided upon. Finding the right font is equally important if you want everything to be in sync with one another. Make sure it is unique and stands out in attracting the customers.

Step 3: Insert Images

Once the template is selected along with the color and font schemes to be used, you can now proceed to design your flyer by adding graphics and images. You can use your own images or there are plenty of free photos that you can pick from. The quality of the image should be of a good resolution. You wouldn’t want to compromise on that one.

Step 4: Enter your Information

The way the information is presented matters the most. Therefore, place the contents in a visually attractive manner. You can make use of the restaurant grand opening flyer template. Enter your company name, address, contact information and any offers or discounts that you are offering without making it appear too cluttery. It shouldn’t have to feel like hard work reading the information on the flyer from the customer’s point of view. Within a glance, people should be able to know what the flyer wants to convey.

Step 5: Review and Print

After the contents have been entered, preview your flyer. Before you finalize, check for any blunders and correct them. Once its good to go, you can save it give it for printing. The flyer should be printed in good quality. After that, you can give it for distribution.

8+ Catering Flyer Templates

1. Catering Flyer Template

catering flyer template
File Format
  • PSD
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign
  • Word
  • Publisher

Size: A4, US

Download Now

The catering flyer template is made especially for catering services. It can be used by adding royalty free images and graphics to captivate the reader’s attention. It comes in various file formats and can be easily edited. The layers are well organized and customizable in nature. Download and check out fine dining restaurant flyer templates for a versatile look for your flyer.

2. Catering Service Flyer Template

catering service flyer template
File Format
  • PSD
  • Word
  • InDesign
  • AI
  • Publisher

Size: US

Download Now

If you’re looking for high quality design, then the catering service flyer template is the one for you. In this template, you can add information related to menu, offers or discounts, service charges and so on. All the details are perfectly highlighted and the background images, font, and colors are completely customizable.

3. Food Catering Flyer Template

food catering flyer template

This food catering flyer template will make the perfect flyer in boasting mouth-watering dishes which is undoubtedly going to garner people’s attention for your promotional activities. The images are boldly represented and the details are conveyed in an appropriate manner. Three different styles are included which can be designed as per your needs.

4. Chef Hat Catering Menu Flyer

chef hat catering menu flyer

Among the list of many restaurant flyer templates, one can check out this template for its pleasant sense of style. It gives information related to the menu along with the names of the dish and the price details. The color theme of this template can be edited to suit your liking. It can also be printed in various sizes.

5. Catering Food Flyer Template

catering food flyer template

This catering flyer template has a soothing look to it and comes in 2 different sizes. It has designs placed on both sides of the flyer to ensure maximum use of it. You can use free fonts and edit the files. The main headings and introduction can be given in the front page and detailed breakdown of services offered can be given on the back page.

6. Catering Service Flyer Template

catering service flyer template

This flyer template is ideal to use for businesses such as catering services, restaurants, cafes, general and other food related businesses. Each and every element of this template can be easily customized. It comes in both Photoshop and Illustrator format. You cannot miss any details with this one all as it makes all the information spaciously organised. You can download more such designs for your marketing from restaurant coming soon flyers templates

7. Luxury Restaurant & Catering Flyer

luxury restaurant catering flyer sample

This template is strategically planned in such a way that no information is left out. It has various elements to it and comes in 4 different styles that you can choose from. You cannot go wrong with this elegant looking flyer. Download and explore more such fine dining restaurant flyer templates now!

9. Catering Cupcake Bakery Pastry Chef Flyer

catering cupcake bakery pastry chef flyer

Get yourself this delightful looking template that comes with an illustration of a cupcake. It is has a font that goes beautifully well with the image and background. It conveys necessary information using just the right techniques. Customize your details and you’re all set to promote your business in no time.

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