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Restaurants do not just rely on selling food for them to be profitable. Similar to other businesses, restaurants use marketing and advertising to not only earn more, but also increase their visibility among their customer base. One way restaurants accomplish these smart goals is by handing out coupons either for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Dinner time is usually the busiest period for any restaurant. People who fill up restaurants during dinner time are mostly professionals who have just gotten off from work or families who have decided to get together for a meal. For these reasons, dinner is the best period when restaurants can maximize their marketing efforts as customers flock to their establishments in droves, eagerly waiting to munch on their favorite dishes.

Coupons are very popular marketing tools that have been utilized by restaurants for the longest time. Restaurants give out coupons to loyal customers and even to new ones in an effort to keep them coming back. There is no limit on the value that restaurants can place on their coupons. They can range from a gift card, discounted meal, free food, or even a restaurant souvenir (i.e. figurine, toy collectible, calendar, etc.).

So, here are some stylish and attractive yet very affordable restaurant dinner coupons you can purchase and give out to both your recurring and new customers. You may also see coupon templates.

Restaurant Gift Coupon Template


This restaurant gift coupon template has a simple yet engaging design. The template uses the center of the coupon as a designated area where you can type in the coupon value. The sample image used in the template’s background is an image of a chicken dish, but you can always edit it to feature your restaurant’s best-selling dish. If you are serving or planning to serve a similar dish as the one found in the template, then feel free to use the image as it is included in the purchase. You may also see

Food Cuisine Coupon Template


Here is a food cuisine coupon template that uses some nice color combinations similar to the previous template. Compared to the other template which incorporates a circular design, this template uses curves with low opacity effects. The coupon value can be found and edited in the upper left-hand corner for the customer’s easy viewing. Food photography is also used to add to the template’s aesthetics. Again, the photo can be replaced with your restaurant’s own dish.

Food Coupon Template


This food coupon template uses a rustic effect as its background design. The overall look of the template resembles that of a postcard. The template perfectly fits a more casual family type restaurant due to its rustic and homey look, but this template can also be used for any restaurant. Purchase this template now and watch your customers return policy in droves.

Drink Coupon Template


Are you planning to give out discounted or free drinks to your customers? Then, this drink voucher template is ideal for your restaurant. This template is best used for sports bars as they offer a wide variety of drinks that can be paired with their snacks and grilled food. Even if you are not serving drinks, you can still use this drink coupon effectively in your restaurant.

Multipurpose Gift Voucher


This multipurpose gift voucher has an abstract design that can be used by any restaurant. This template exudes a futuristic look due to its straight lines with sharp curves and low opacity color effects. It can be used by most modern restaurants.

Multipurpose Gift Voucher 2


Here is another multipurpose gift voucher you can use for your restaurant. Similar to the previous gift voucher template, this template also uses abstract designs for a more modern look, making it a perfect fit for most restaurants. This template uses symmetrical line designs incorporating different shades of a single color. This template is available in yellow, green, red, and blue. It also comes with two free fonts (Bebas and Roboto) although you need to download them from a separate site.

Rustic Fast Food Restaurant Coupon


This rustic fast food restaurant coupon is the perfect fit for your restaurant. It uses a wooden table in the background design with rustic themes for the font.  Although fast foods are not known to have rustic themes as they mostly use minimalist and simple designs, this rustic-themed coupon offers something unique, so get it today.

Fast Food Restaurant Coupon


This is another fast food restaurant coupon that brilliantly uses an image of a mouthwatering juicy hamburger and crispy french fries—two of the most popular fast food dishes around the world. Your fast food restaurant should have these two staple dishes. If you do not have them, then add them to your menu as soon as possible. Retain the sample hamburger and fries image if your food uses similar ingredients as well as a similar presentation. The template also has some nice checkered designs that are quite common in restaurants. Purchase this template now for your fast food restaurant.

Chef or Cook Gift Voucher


If you are the cook of your restaurant and you do not mind showing off your face in the coupons given out to customers, then purchase this template. Incorporating faces of persons in any form of design is always a risk unless they are celebrities or they look very attractive. One suggestion is to first test the template on a handful of customers to gauge their comments and suggestions. You may also see blank coupon templates.

Multipurpose Restaurant Voucher


This multipurpose restaurant voucher is another coupon template you should purchase and give out to your customers. It uses a unique color combination (pink and grey) and has a casual yet sleek overall look, a good fit for fast food restaurants or diners. The sample image used in the template is a sweet and delicious fruit cup and the color of the watermelon complements the pink hue used in the template very well.

Stylish Gift Voucher


Here is another multipurpose gift voucher that can be used for your restaurant. It has a stylish and futuristic design which combines horizontal and vertical lines resembling a spider web, but with a more stylish look. Although there is no color used in the template aside from black for the designs and white for the background, the template still looks attractive. You can always edit the colors of the template or even add images of food and other food-related designs to make it more appealing.

Vegetarian Restaurant Gift Certificate


This vegetarian restaurant gift certificate maximizes the use of food photography. An image of a pie filled with cheese and vegetable fillings is used as the main design, which takes up most of the template’s space. The photo used in the template is very appetizing, which definitely entices the customer to go back to your restaurant. If you are serving the same pie dish with cheese and vegetable fillings for your restaurant, then you can use the sample photo in this template.

Cupcakes and Sprinkles Coupon Discount Card


Who does not love to eat cupcakes? People of all ages love these yummy treats! Cupcakes are the perfect sweet delicacies that can be consumed after dinner. So, giving out discounted or even free cupcakes to your customers will certainly put smiles on their faces. You may also see coupon voucher design templates.

Bar and Grill Restaurant Beer Coupon


Here is another free beer coupon you can use at your own restaurant or bar. This template uses a cartoon sketch of a beer mug, making it ideal for casual restaurants or sports bars. Purchase this template and serve some thirst-quenching beer to your customers. You may also see restaurant templates.

Loyalty Pyramid Couponloyalty_program_pyramid_card_color_customizable-r4a9f36e4f64e48a4accba5ff48c9ca80_kenre_8byvr_1024

This loyalty pyramid coupon has a very elegant design that uses vintage psychedelic effects. Loyalty cards are great marketing tools which give free food or drinks to customers after a certain number of visits to a restaurant. Aside from the effectiveness of loyalty cards, this template also has a unique design that you should definitely purchase.

So, there you go, some very attractive restaurant dinner coupon designs you can use for your own restaurant. Aside from being very affordable, they also have very attractive and engaging designs. So, pick your favorite from this list and purchase it today! You may also see coupon word templates.

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