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A coupon is a small piece of paper, or a detachable portion of a ticket or other such documents, which guarantees the holder certain privileges or benefits. Haven’t you ever received a gift coupon as a birthday gift? The coupon is usually brightly coloured, almost like birthday wrapping paper!You may also see Business Coupon Templates. A coupon is usually a small, rectangular piece of colored paper with an amount written on top of it. Behind the coupon, you’ll find terms and conditions related to the usage of the Word Coupon Template mentioned. Here, the expiry date of the coupon, the stores you can use it at and other such details are mentioned. Are you planning to give someone a gift coupon on a special occasion? Well, that’s the best gift idea you could have come up with. That way, the person can but whatever he or she wants. DIY coupon templates would be the best way to go. You can just download and create your own coupons!

Food Gift Voucher Template

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Gift Voucher Template in Word

gift-voucher-template-in-word Buy Now

Printable Gift Coupon Design Template

printable-gift-coupon-design-template Buy Now

Shopping Discount Coupon Template in Photoshop

shopping-discount-coupon-template-in-photoshop Buy Now

Fashion Gift Voucher Template

fashion-gift-voucher-template Buy Now

Lunch Discount Coupon Template in Illustrator

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Payment Coupon Template in PSD

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Referral Coupon Template in Word

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Simple Gift Voucher Template

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Easy to Edit Drink Coupon Template

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Food Cuisine Coupon Template in Design

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Marketing Coupon Template

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Promotional Fitness Coupon Template

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Valentines Day Discount Voucher Template

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General Coupon Template Free Download

general coupan template free download

Mothers Day Coupon Book PDF Template

mothers day coupon book pdf template

Homework Coupon Template Download in Word Document

homework coupon template download in word document

Summer Savings Coupon Template PDF

summer savings coupon template pdf

Sample Fundraising Coupon Template

sample fundraising coupon template

Christmas Offer Coupon Free PDF Template

christmas offer coupan free pdf template

Teacher Reward Coupon Template Download in PDF Format

teacher reward coupon template download in pdf format

Sports Fundraising Coupon PDF Template

sports fundraising coupan pdf template

Seven Different Easily Editable Coupon Pack Templates

seven different easily editable coupon pack templates

PSD Template for Discount Coupons

psd template for discount coupons

PSD Format Set of Gift Voucher Templates

psd format set of gift voucher templates

Food Coupon Template PSD Format Download

food coupon template psd format download

Beautiful Coupon Template PSD Format

beautiful coupon template psd format

Mostly Download Christmas Coupon Template PSD

mostly download christmas coupon template psd

Restaurant Gift Coupon Template Premium Download

restaurant gift coupon template premium download

Printable Love Coupon Templates

printable love coupon templates

Invitation Ticket Coupon Template PSD Download

invitation ticket coupon template psd download

Types of Coupon Templates

There are numerous kinds of templates available. Accordingly, there are a few different kinds of coupon templates as well. Now depending upon the purpose, you must select the kind of coupon you want. Some of the common types of coupons are

Store Coupon Templates

Coupons like these are available in most stores. Such coupons are valid on only products sold by a particular store, and can be used only at that store or other branches of the same store. These usually offer some discounts on selected products. You have to pay a small price to buy the coupon, or you may get it free of cost if you shop at the store for a particular amount. You can easily make use of store coupon templates to create these.

Manufacturer Coupon Templates

As the name suggests, such coupons are provided by the manufacturers of a particular product. Most manufacturers attach a coupon alongside the product, accompanied by the expiration product. Such offers are usually provided on websites, and can be really helpful!

Reward Coupon Template

Reward coupons do not offer discounts on a transaction. Instead, such coupons allow you to accumulate points on your reward coupon, which can be redeemed later on. So if you make a purchase again the day after, you will be able to utilize the points on that. The points accumulated on the Birthday Coupon Templates are directly proportional to the amount of your purchase.

E Vouchers

Planning to buy something online? Then e-vouchers are the best way to go. These are not available in hard copy, and usually contain a code which must be used while purchasing. While buying a particular item, you can use the Referral Coupon Template to get an offer, a discount or a free gift along with it.

Why Should You Use Coupon Templates?

It makes no sense if you have to spend all your precious time to create and design coupons. Moreover, coupons are not printed as singles, you have to design and print a large number of coupons at the same time. Thus, it would be unnecessary hard work if you were to create twenty different coupons. Thus, save you time, energy and money with downloadable coupon templates. If you have a keen eye, you’ll notice that all coupons more or less have the same format. The coupon templates online have this conventional format all ready for you, you just have to select one and download them. Choose the one that meets your requirements in Word Templates, and is both attractive and eye catching. Moreover, you will find hundreds of options to choose from, giving you a wide range of choices. You can shortlist a few, and make a final decision. What could be better than that?

How To Create Amazing Coupons Using Templates?

You’ve made the right decision by choosing to download coupon templates. It will make your life a little bit easier, and will the reduce burden on you. But you still have to be cautious and careful while eating the coupon templates. First, you need to pick the template of your choice. It can be a tough decision, given the wide range of options in front of you. Once you’ve decided that, you must edit the coupon to add the amount or the code. Each code is unique to a particular coupon. If you’re entering amounts, then that amount is guaranteed to the holder. Keep these in mind. Also, keep the front portion of the Coupon Template simple and minimalistic without excessive design.

Tips While Using Coupon Templates

  • Using coupon template examples are fairly easy, all you have to do is hit the download button. But these tips could come in handy while designing your coupon template- The kind of coupon is of the utmost importance. Each kind of coupon has a specific format. A reward coupon will differ from an e-coupon and a manufacturer’s coupon will be very different from a store one. Similarly, a gift coupon will have a distinct pattern of its own.
  • Do not go for the first template that catches your eye. You might regret your impulsive actions later on. Instead, go through the endless collection of templates available online, and make an informed decision. Once you’re convinced that this is the best template for you, you can download it.
  • All coupons come with terms and conditions. Make sure all such terms are stated clearly and in a precise manner. It should be written in such a manner so as to catch the holder’s eye. Also, mention the expiry date at the very beginning so that the holder can make the transaction accordingly.
  • Customize your template just the way you want it. An Employee Gift Coupon needs to be attractive and well designed. It should be bright and colorful. You can even add a personal touch by adding a picture or a collage of the person you’re gifting it to. A coupon is not a formal document that means you can use informal casual language or even colloquial language.

What To Do And What Not To Do With Coupon Templates


  • Mention the expiry date at the very beginning.
  • Try to keep your coupon factual and to the point.
  • Make sure the terms and conditions are readable and understandable.
  • Make it attractive and brightly coloured


  • Do not make your coupon template clumsy or untidy
  • You cannot afford to miss out on important details
  • Stick to a specific theme while designing
  • Do not make mistakes or omissions that could cost you

We Can Help You Out!

At, we have a wide range of coupon templates in store for you. Gift coupons, reward coupons, e-coupons, store coupons, Blank Coupon Templates – you name it, we have it all! Irrespective of the kind of coupon you need, you will be spoilt for choice here. You can browse through our exhaustive list and pick the one that you want. We know that you’re looking for user friendly coupons. Well don’t worry, our coupons are really easy to use and edit. So why don’t you download one and see for yourself? If you’ve been awarded a gift coupon, you can take it to the particular store mentioned on the coupon itself, and use it to get something you need. For example, if it is a coupon to a toy store, you could buy toys from the shop within the amount mentioned on the coupon. Isn’t that a wonderful way to make someone happy? In fact, you can design these coupons at home as well. Also see Microsoft Template.

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