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10+ Restaurant Gift Coupons in Illustrator | MS Word | Pages | Photoshop | Publisher

The idea coupons—the first-ever coupon—started back in 1887, thanks to the innovative minds of the Coca-cola company. Since then, the relevance of these promotional materials continues to grow throughout the innovation of society. From traditional to digital means, coupons have been essential to the publicity of a business. Whether you have a cafe restaurant or a Japanese restaurant, utilizing this excellent advertising tool helps bring more customers to the establishment. This article features professionally designed and high-quality restaurant gift coupon templates that you can use for your business.

10+ Food Cuisine Coupon in Illustrator | InDesign | MS Word | Pages | Photoshop | Publisher

There is much to food than just eating it. Its beauty is indeed in its taste, but also, the presentation creates a different level of experience for food lovers. It may well be deserving of the appetite, but it also speaks of culture and art. Tasting the respective cuisine of a country is a mandatory part of cultural immersion. The different cuisines are portals to people’s identity. What better way to know more about other cultures than by trying the dishes out. More so, get to taste them with the perfect invitation and perks. Just imagine getting to know the culture and at the same time filling up your belly when it is free or discounted! That is why food cuisine coupon steps in as a friendly way to invite hungry people to an impressive buffet. Taste the world through the tip of your tongues through a coupon you cannot refuse! You may also see some of our Coupon Templates

10+ Fashion Coupon in Illustrator | MS Word | Pages | Photoshop | Publisher | InDesign

Fashion is an evolution clothed with colors, changing styles, and trends. The prevailing taste in today’s fashion is different from yesterday’s modern flair. But, fashion has one great feat—the revival of an old theme, expanded with extra art. Indeed, some fashionable styles from a few decades ago are currently the go-to of people. If you’re in the fashion industry, flyers and brochures, accompanied by time-bound coupons, are efficient advertising tools. This article features professional and beautifully designed fashion coupon templates that you can use for your business.

15+ Shopping Discount Coupons in Illustrator | Word | Pages | Photoshop | Publisher | InDesign

Have you ever noticed that customers flock to a store when it offers discounts? What’s more delightful than purchasing your favorite things for less, right? Discounts pump up customers?—making them spend more than they planned. Offering promotions and discounts are some of the most effective marketing strategies that help boost the sales of a particular business. If you are a store owner, you should consider giving out discount coupons to your loyal and valued customers. Provided below are various shopping discount coupon templates you can download for a hassle-free coupon-making process.

10+ Lunch Voucher in Illustrator | MS Word | Pages | Photoshop | Publisher | InDesign

Lunch vouchers are typically given to employees. Although as the famous saying goes, “there is no such thing as free lunch,” many countries provide free food or meal vouchers in every workplace. This well-established benefit for the employees may vary from one country to another; however, it has become a vital part of what you can consider as “workforce compensation and global payroll.” Lunch breaks are the saving grace at work for most workers, so why deprive them of the opportunity to experience it for free? Get to create lunch vouchers for your employees using our ready-made lunch voucher samples below. Take time to scroll this article down to get what you need!