9+ Free Flame Fonts


Nothing screams danger and excitement more than fire. People use various themed font styles to evoke certain emotions and artistic effects, and there are times nothing can do it better than a good flame-themed font. Whether you are a digital artist, a graphic designer, a gamer, a blogger, or anyone who just appreciates art in the custom-styled written word, you can’t miss out on any of these free downloads.

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Here are just some of the best flame fonts out there, collected as TTF and OTF files in one handy post to get you warmed up.

Royal Inferno Font

royal inferno font Download

Char Font

char fontDownload

Keneel Messy Font

keneel messy fontDownload

Flame on! Font

flame on fontDownload

Crackling Fire Font

crackling fire fontDownload

How to Use Fire Fonts with Care

Beware the amateur artist signal of using bold, fancy fonts everywhere, too much, and too many times.

The flame font is a great option the same way fire is a good thing in the Arctic tundra—it livens things up a little. It also screams for attention and adds a theatrical entrance to any title.

Now imagine setting fire to everything.

It is glaring, and too much fire font on the page will overload your readers’ eyes and send them screaming. Artistic fire is most helpful, powerful, and effective when it is contained and used sparingly—for only the main, iconic, center-of-attraction parts of your work.

Think: band names, movie titles, blog headers, album labels, T-shirt graphics, and you should be fine.

Sometimes it is the best option you can go for.

  • The effect you get in the Keneel Messy Font is not going to work if you used something else.
  • The Char Font will portray a daredevil personality more strikingly than some cold block font.
  • A band poster might be better represented using the Flames Font or the Cheap Fire Font or the Phoenix Font than if you used another bubble text, again.
  • Sometimes no other font but the Firestarter Font will have the right attitude for your motorbike logo or T-shirt print.

But let’s not overthink this. As artists, you gather your tools and you experiment, you create. You learn by trial and error. Playing with fire fonts is just one fun way to get your hands dirty.

Also. Where there is fire fonts, there is smoke fonts.

Cheap Fire Font

cheap fire fontDownload

Flames Font

flames fontDownload

Phoenix Font

phoenix fontDownload

Firestarter Font

firestarter fontDownload

Plastic Explosive Font

plastic explosive fontDownload

How to Use These Fonts (Plus More Freebies)

Click to download any and all of these that catch your eye, as they are likely to do.

Import as OTF and TFF files and just start blazing. Because these file types work the same way that vectors work in digital art, it means you can resize the text to anywhere from tiny sticker to billboard size and it won’t lose its quality or get pixelated.

But remember what we talked about: Use these fonts sparingly and with care.

If you want to one-up everyone else who found these flame fonts amazing, check out some hard-hitting, city-style urban fontstattoo fonts, and graffiti-style fonts from our collections.

Art is both creative and destructive, and here on Template.net we provide you with some of the best low-cost tools to do your best work and envision new possibilities with your projects.

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