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63+ Free Fonts – Free OTF, TTF, HQX Format Download!

Are you looking for the right font for your logo or invitation or any other digital presentation? Well, the good news is that the online world today offers a wealth of fonts for anybody, and that too is completely free of cost. You can level up any presentation or printed and online marketing campaigns with VivaCut, FanLoveXO, calligraphy, graffiti, cursive, or cinderella personal English fonts. You can make the overall design retro, fancy, modern, and elegant depending on the free fonts.

Some fonts come in bold or any style suitable for your wedding, product, or brand campaigns and posters. Find an open type font and level up your typography elements and outline. Writing your details, brand name, and more becomes a creative design element with free fonts.

Wedding Font Silhouette Template

wedding font silhouetteDownload

Good Morning Font Vector

good morning font vectorDownload

American Flag Font Vector

american flag font vectorDownload

Halloween Font Vector

halloween font vectorDownload

Valentines Day Font Vector

valentines day font vectorDownload

Holi Font Vector

holi font vectorDownload

Lightning Font Vector

lightning font vectorDownload

Wedding Font Background

wedding font backgroundDownload

Free Script Fonts

Script fonts are much in demand today given their mystique charm of antiquity. You will get a wide variety of free script fonts today in a wealth of effects. There are options to choose from eroded, casual, connected, decorative, handwritten, and so on. You can pick anyone for your presentation outline and use it at no charge.

Scriptina Font Family Free Download

scriptina font family free download

The Respective Font TTF Format

the respective font ttf format

Best Free Fonts

If you are looking for the best free fonts for your projects, be it for your post titles or logos or Facebook timeline, or any other digital presentation, the online world is the best place to go. Here you will have all the amazing fonts—be it calligraphy or bold or geometric or robotic or cursive or script or handwritten- designed and offered by experts for free.

Free Remachine Script Font Download

free remachine script font download

Free Angel Tears Font

free angel tears font

Free Font Generator

Are you looking for some great font effects such as handwritten or geometric? Not to worry as there free font generator portals online today that are bustling with great font effects. You would just have to insert your text and choose your desired effect and the font generator will transfer the text into your chosen effect in seconds.

Free Typography Font Ark Generator

free font ark generator

Free Font Struct Generator

free font struct generator

Free Calligraphy Fonts

Calligraphy fonts have their elegant appeal and there are several free calligraphy fonts to choose from today. You can have your pick from versatile effects such as goth, graffiti, cursive, decorative, Aring Typeface, retro, italics, and what not! The best part is that you can download the various calligraphic effects completely free of charge.

Candy inc Calligraphy Font

candy inc calligraphy font

Beyond Wonderland Free Calligraphy Font

beyond wonderland free calligraphy font

Free Cursive Fonts

Cursive fonts look simply classy with their connected running aura and there is a wealth of cursive font styles to pick from the online world, completely free of cost. You can choose from different styles like handwritten, girly, brush effect, flowing, vintage, decorative, artsy, bold, sleek- there is no limit.

Respective Free Cursive Fonts

respective free cursive fonts

Free Download Qaskin Black Cursive Font

free download qaskin black cursive font

Disney Style Font Free

Are you fond of the adorable rounded appeal of the cute Disney fonts? Well, now you can use them for your projects and that too completely free of charge. They come in a wide number of effects like kiddish, Alice in Wonderland, Mickey, Jasmine, Cinderella, Persian, and many other exotic effects.

Free New Waltograph Cinderella Personal Disney Font

free new waltograph disney font

Free Monogram Fonts

Looking for monogram fonts? Well, there is a diverse range of effects to choose from here and you are getting them at no cost only! The versatile effects that await you here are whimsical, all-caps, retro, swash, swirly, upper-case only, decorative, fonts with special characters or ornate effects around the letters, etc.

Download for Free Monogram Fanlovexo Font

download for free monogram font


Free Handwriting Fonts

Handwriting fonts come up with an unmatched warmth of lovely handwritten notes on pen & paper and you can have them for your digital presentations format too, completely free of charge. You have them in cursive, kid handwriting, doodles, shaded, sketched, scribbled, sleek effect, an old-world vintage feel, and many other interesting effects.

Otto Free Handwriting Style Font Download

otto free handwriting font download

Attack of the Cucumbers Font

attack of the cucumbers font

Free Wedding Fonts

Are you about to draft a wedding invitation online and looking for the right fonts? Well, you have several effects for wedding fonts online today and all of them come completely free of cost. The various effects that you can choose from here are cursive, girly, handwritten, decorative, dingbats, retro, script, swashes, etc.

Blessed Day Wedding Font TTF Format

blessed day wedding font ttf format

Wedding Font Lydia Puente

wedding font lydia puente

Free Tattoo Fonts

Planning to have cutting-edge text for your tattoo and looking for the font choices? The good bit is that there is a wealth of free tattoo fonts today with versatile effects to pick from such as tribal, cursive, handwritten, graffiti, retro, poster, urban, vintage, groovy, Gothic, decorative, eroded, etc.

Vlad Tepes II Tattoo Font

vlad tepes ii tattoo font

Anglo Text Font OTF Format

anglo text font otf format

Free Commercial Fonts

Are you looking for commercial fonts for your office presentations or logo designs? There is no dearth of interesting free commercial fonts and in fact, you will even have a chance to pick from numerous effects- such as Sans Serif, clean, classic, dingbat, cursive, bold, artsy whimsical, splattered, light, grunge, etc.

Metal Macabre Free Commercial Font

metal macabre free commercial font

HerrFoch Free Commercial Font Download

herrfoch free commercial font download

Free Modern Fonts

When it comes to free modern fonts, there are endless categories to choose from. If you want something sharp, there are geometrical or robotic fonts to go for while an electronic font speaks of a true urbane feel. The other popular choices are thin, conceptual, Gothic, fonts with shades, and so on.

Trench Free Modern English Font TTF Format

trench free modern font ttf format

Free Modern Impregnable Font Download

free modern impregnable font download

Free Retro Fonts

The choice is boundless when you are on the lookout for retro fonts and you will have them designed by experts and offered to you completely free of cost. In regards to effects, there are tribal fonts, script fonts, bold grunge fonts with an eroded feel, fonts with geometric typefaces & faded colors template, fonts in old-fashioned quirky italics, etc.

Feast of Flesh BB Retro Font Family

feast of flesh bb retro font family

RM Serifancy Retro Font Download

rm serifancy retro font download

Free Chalkboard Fonts

You will be spoilt for choices when it comes to choosing from free chalkboard fonts online. Several effects are waiting for you like handwritten, cursive, crayon effect, rough, sketchy, chunky, font with slanting stripes, fonts in kid handwriting, fonts with faded effect reminding of old school days, and many more.

Download Chalk Hand Lettering Shaded Dem

download chalk hand lettering shaded dem

KG Second Chances Solid Font Free

kg second chances solid font free

Free Fonts for Teachers

When it comes to free fonts for teachers, there is a diverse variety of styles to pick from. Some of them are dotted fonts over which the children can practice letters outline or numbers, some of them look like written with crayons, some of them are neat & sleek, and so on.

ABeeZee Open Type Font Family Font Download

abeezee font family font download

Discipuli Britannica Teacher Font Family

discipuli britannica teacher font family

Free Mac Fonts

If you are looking to make any digital presentation on your Mac device, there are endless numbers of free fonts to choose from. You can go for calligraphy or graffiti fonts when you are creating digital posters or appealing banners, while the cursive fonts would also do good for elegant presentations. Other options include Disney, spooky, running girly, decorative, etc.

Free Embroidery Fonts

Are you looking to make stunning embroideries with text details, say the name of your beloved? Well, you would be glad to know that there is a massive amount of embroidery-free fonts online to pick from. The various options include a classy cursive, an adorable rounded or curly, whimsical, decorative, fonts with cross-stitch, etc.

Walt Embroidery Typography Font Download

walt embroidery font download

Ribbed Monogram Embroidery Font Outline

ribbed monogram embroidery font download

Free Vintage Fonts

Vintage template is new when it comes to any presentation today and hence you will get a wide selection of free vintage fonts to choose from online. There are vintage fonts with an eroded effect, an elaborate classy texture that might carry some intricate decoration reminding of the Victorian era, fonts with art deco texture, handwritten fonts, etc.

Carnivalee Freakshow Font Free Download

carnivalee freakshow font free download

Team Spirit NF Font for Free

team spirit nf font for free

Free Halloween Fonts

The smirking glowing pumpkin alone won’t be enough to create the scary feel with your Halloween invitations and you would have to take to free Halloween-special fonts as well. The different Halloween fonts that you get today are fonts with blood dripping effects, faded fonts that look smeared by cobwebs, spiked fonts, and so on.

Dripping Barker Halloween Graffiti Font Download

dripping barker hallowen font download

Halloween Black Asylum Font Free Download

halloween black asylum font free download

Royalty-Free Fonts

When you are looking for free fonts to be used in any of your projects as per your wish, you have to make sure to settle with royalty-free fonts. These fonts are the ones that come with an FFC license that ensures that they are completely free for commercial use.

The Godfather Free Bold Royalty Font

the godfather free royalty font

Vivacut Eutemia I Font Download

eutemia i font download

Free Western Fonts

Free western fonts are those that can recreate the bold magic of the wild west. Thus, you have them mostly with the rusty grunge effect while eroded fonts are also very popular for this category. Then, there are super bold wide big fonts with decorations on the sides, whimsical fonts with a wooden effect, and so on.

Free Western Gunslinger Font

free western gunslinger font

Body Hunter Western Font Download

body hunter western font download

Cool Free Fonts

Are you looking for some free fonts? Well, the online world has come up with a wide variety of free fonts with amazingly cool textures such as doodle, crayon, swirly, curly, rounded Disney, handwritten, and many more. The other options include western fonts, calligraphy fonts, 3D fonts, script fonts, geometric fonts, etc.

Confetti Stream Cool Font Free Download

confetti stream cool font free download

Cool Everything Holiday Elegant Font Download

cool everything holiday font download

Free Typewriter Font

If you are looking for typewriter fonts to create an old-world charm of the 60s & 70s, there is a wide variety of vintage fonts to choose from. You have fonts with ink texture, sleek fonts with eroded effects, old newspaper fonts, fonts that appear smeared and faded with old ink over time, and so on.

Bohemian Typewriter Font Download for Free

bohemian typewriter font download for free

Free Download Traveling Typewriter Font

free download traveling typewriter font

Free Hipster Fonts

Are you looking for hipster fonts for creating banners or posters for a rock concert template? Well, the online world is bustling with loads of amazing hipster fonts that echo the desired bohemian effect with different textures- such as faded vintage, ornamental Victorian, rebellious grunge, dingbats, swash, fonts with hearts, and many more.

Myra Free Hipster Font

myra free hipster font

Free Stencil Fonts

If you need to create the sharp firm effect of stencil writing for your edgy creative digital presentations layout, there is a wealth of free stencil fonts to pick from with complementary textures. The different stencil fonts you get today are smeared whimsical fonts, digital fonts, grunge fonts with eroded effects on sides, fonts with gaps in letters, etc.

Urban Jungle Stencil Creative Font for Free

urban jungle stencil font for free


Free Star Wars Font

The legendary film Star Wars is a favorite theme for many when it comes to theme birthday parties and you would need free Star Wars font for your party invite text. There are different effects to choose from like bold letters connected in the heads just like the original Star Wars title, while you also have fonts with Star Wars icons in between the letters.

SF Distant Galaxy Font Family Download

sf distant galaxy font family download


Star Jedi Font Free Download

star jedi font free download

Free Barcode Font

When it comes to free barcode font, there are some cool textures to choose from. For example, one type of font comes with simple letters written across the bar code while another one has letters arranged so close that they together form a view of a barcode. They also have fonts with letters written below a barcode.

Cool Barcode Font Download

cool barcode font download

Code 39 Barcode Font Free Download

code 39 barcode font free download

Free Art Deco Fonts

If you are looking for vintage text, free art deco fonts online would be a great choice for you. These fonts vector have come up today in multiple interesting effects like handwritten, a fusion of bold and sleek sides, fonts in the archaic English style, decorative fonts, condensed fonts, broadway fonts, etc.

Ming Free Art Deco Font Download

ming free art deco font download

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