20+ Vintage Fonts

Despite advancement in technology and creation of hundreds of modern fonts, Vintage Fonts still command awe and respect. Without these fonts, the graphic designers’ toolbox is always incomplete. Below is a list of handpicked fonts which leaves an unforgettable impression on the users as well as those who sees them. These fonts perfectly balance the style and class of Retro Fonts, with elements from the modern fonts. Select the vintage font style that suits your need best and will provide a new touch to your digital writing.

vintage fonts

Rustic Gate Vintage Font

rustic gate vintage font

Rustic Gate includes 1 standard and 2 rusty/grunge styles. Each style has regular and italic typefaces. This font is suitable for posters, banners etc it is downloadable in TTF and AI formats.

Oregon Vintage Font

oregon vintage font

This font contains uppercase alphabets, numbers, and symbols. It is suitable for vintage logo design, headers etc. This font is downloadable in CSS and HTML formats.

Stylish Retro Vintage Font

stylish retro vintage font

Commonly known as “The age of modernity”, this font contains only uppercase letters (no numbers or symbols). It is downloadable in EPS plus OTF and WOFF formats.

Splandor Typeface Vintage Font

splandor typeface vintage font

Hand-drawn style plus ornaments, makes this font old and stylish, hence perfectly suitable for T-shirt, logo etc. Its typeface and ornaments pack are available in OTF and AI formats respectively.

Vintage Fonts Bundle

vintage fonts bundle

Trickster Vintage Font

trickster vintage font

This display font comes with lots of alternatives and brushes, plus a complimentary font and another font with swashes. It is available in OTF and TTF formats to download.

French Style Vintage Font

french style vintage font

This Vintage Font is ideal to be used in the making of vintage style labels for alcoholic drinks such as Whisky, Rum, Gin, Scotch etc. It is available in all sizes to fit in your project.

Grenadier NF Vintage Font

grenadier nf vintage font

This font is originally known as “Modernistic” font. It was later renamed to Grenadier NF. It supports 215 characters and is available in OTF and TTF formats for downloading.

Atara Vintage Font

atara vintage font

This unique vintage style custom font has four styles: regular and grunge and inline and inline grunge and all four creates impactful text. It is downloadable in OTF and TTF formats.

Harvest Vintage Font

harvest vintage font

This Handrawn Font, with uppercase sans serif and lowercase serif, looks rustic yet sharp. Hence, it is perfectly suitable for logos, posters, quotes etc. It is downloadable in OTF format.

AntsyPants Vintage Font

antsypants vintage font

This font is based on CG Siena. Even though little fussy some times, this curly font is fun to use. Its typeface is suitable to a for variety of uses. It is downloadable in TTF format.

Retro Vintage Alphabet Font

retro vintage alphabet font

It is created in July’16, making it one of the latest fonts. It has a nice retro look and feel. It is available for download in EPS format.

Airways Vintage Font

airways vintage font

This vintage script font has an airy yet confident style. It contains many contextual alternates and ligatures. This font is particularly useful for advertisement purposes. It is downloadable in TTF format.

Robinson Vintage Font

robinson vintage font

This font gives a bold and attractive title followed by smaller text, and has 18 styles, which makes it suitable for magazines and posters. It is downloadable in OTF format.

Remachine Script Vintage Font

remachine script vintage font

Based on styles from 1940s to 1960s, this upright retro font debuted in 2013. With a smooth curve and classy touch, it is available in TTF format for download.


Vintage Denim Font

vintage denim font

Mochary Vintage Font

mochary vintage font

Qirkus Vintage Font

qirkus vintage font

Actonia Vintage Font

actonia vintage font

Anagram Vintage Font

anagram vintage font

From being used in typewriters, vintage fonts have beautifully transformed to digital. Despite several new fonts and font families, the vintage or retro fonts have maintained their own untouchable niche of class and style. As we have explored above, some use-cases are impossible without these classy and evergreen vintage fonts. Grab them and a give a vintage touch to your digital writing.