12+ Cloud Fonts

The choice of fonts for your design is of utmost significance. This is because it is crucial in creating an impression of the message being conveyed. The cloud fonts are plump, puffed, bloated and bubbly looking fonts. These impart a playful and cool effect to your message; and so are perfect choices for party invitations, fun related flyers, kid’s zones, play schools, etc. Here is an awesome collection of some of the cool Free Fonts available out there.

cloud fonts

Sky Cloud Font

sky cloud font

Priced at $9, the sky cloud font comes as easy-to-use transparent PNG files, template PSD file, and base letter file. It features an illustrated user guide, 6 backgrounds, and FX controllers playable. These fonts create a sky effect if the background applied is in light blue color.

Bomb Cloud Font

bomb cloud font

This is a cool Bold Font created by Billy Argel in 2010 is adored by many. This font style can be downloaded for free and used for your creative projects.

KR Cloud Nine Font

kr cloud nine font

These freely downloadable fonts are extremely Cool Fonts. These impart a fun filled look which will perfectly suit your kids’ school projects. You can also use these for other innovative purposes.

Fabric Cloud Font

fabric cloud font

This font comes at a price of $9 and has all the letters from A to Z and numbers from 0 to 9. These are easy-to-use, easy-to-add and have the best-organized layers. This font gives prominence to your words.

Quaky Cloud font

quaky cloud font

The Quacky Cloud Font is available for free download. The shaky style of these fonts renders a jagged effect to the words and would perfectly fit horror story headlines.

McKloud Font Family

mckloud font family

This font can be freely downloaded and used for commercial purposes as well. Variants including McKloud white, McKloud shadow, Mckloud storm, McKloud tempest, McKloud Misty, and McKloud black are available.

Fancy Cloud Font

fancy cloud font

This font is available for download at $20. This fancy beard rider font is available in letter size variants including small, tiny, large and medium and has numbers and symbols.

Overcast Skies Cloud Font

overcast skies cloud font

The Overcast Skies Cloud Font is freely downloadable and can be utilized for personal purposes only. These have a bold, clean and eroded style; and so can be used in posters, news, etc.

Alpha Cloud Font

alpha cloud font

The bubbly looking Alpha Cloud Font is cool and stylish and can be used for a variety of purposes. This can be downloaded and used for free at the given link.

Cloud Sans Font

cloud sans font

The Cloud Sans Font comes in different size variants including bold, semi-bold, regular, light, thin, Italic, and a few more. These cool looking typographies are ideal for displaying various feelings; you can try several possibilities for getting the right effect you want.

Fonts can speak a lot and convey more complex messages with ease to the readers. Cloud fonts can be used in various situations for creating various effects. You can choose from the above range of cool, stylish, bold, celestial, and funny cloud fonts. You can either buy the priced ones or get the freely downloadable ones for your personal use or commercial purposes. You can set the background color of these texts to get the look you need. Based on the backdrop color, the cloud will be dense or sparse and have sharp or curvy contours.