24+ Free and Premium Arabic Fonts

Arabic fonts are very popular for a number of users. Not only those who use Arabic as their native language, but even those who want an Arabic typesetting for their content look for free available Arabic fonts TTF, OTF download.You may also see funky fonts.

 A Tale of a 1001 Fonts

1. There are plenty of users who are looking for a true Modern Arabic font. To create content for audiences in countries where Arabic is the only language used, these true Arabic fonts can be priceless, as they allow content to be created originally in that language, without compromising on quality. You may also see flower fonts

2. However, sometimes, what the writer is trying to do is recreate an Arabic “feel”, while still writing in English or other Euro-centric languages. In these situations, Arabic fonts are available that typeset English letters in an Arabic typography.

3. Symbolic or pictographic descriptions in the fashion of Arabic calligraphy can also be used to generate content to create an Arabic feel sometimes. This lends the feeling of an authentic Arabic folk tale to the content, while getting the message across.

4. Specialised premium download collections are available where one can get Arabic fonts, and many of these are available for free downloads by users. You may also see fire fonts

Collection of Best Arabic Fonts and Arabic Calligraphy Fonts to Download

Air Strip Arabic

  • Air Strip Arabic

Diana Extra – New Arabic Font

  • diana extra new arabic font1

Flat Font

  • Flat-Font

Khayal, Arabic Font

  • Khayal, Arabic Font

Kufyan Arabic

  • Kufyan Arabic

Calligraphy Names

  • Calligraphy Names

She Spoke Palm Rivers

  • She Spoke Palm Rivers

Tasreeh Arabic Typeface Font

  • Tasreeh, Arabic Typeface

Taqniya Font

  • Taqniya Font

Tarhaal Arabic font

  • Tarhaal

Saba Font

  • Saba Font

Arabic Font

  • Arabic Fonts

Alghorie Syawal

  • Alghorie Syawal


  • Taibaijan

Arabic Magic

  • Arabic Magic


  • KaraBenNemsi


  • Arabolical

Ceria Lebaran

  • Ceria Lebaran

Eid al-Fitr 2

  • Eid al-Fitr 2


  • Mukadimah

Arab Dances

  • Arab Dances

Syawal Khidmat

  • Syawal Khidmat

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