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Chalkboard Fonts – 25+ Free TTF, OTF Format Download

Fonts play an important role in lending a voice to the textual matter in a design. If a message you’re trying to convey and the font which it is set in are dissipated, the purpose and context of the message is likely to be lost, and the reader may not be able to hold his interest in the overall matter. Therefore it is very important that utmost care is taken and attention is paid to the process of text selection in any design. Over the year, as typeface technology has developed and improved, several new and ancient typefaces and fonts have surfaced. Each font family and its typefaces are of great value to the world of web and graphic design. In this post we shall pin focus on the various facets and features of the Chalkboard Font, and what is it that makes it such a wonderful font type.

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To define in simple terms, chalkboard font, as the name itself suggests, is inspired from the writings commonly seen on the classroom chalkboard. The typeface of this font is just like the letterforms produced by a chalk on a chalkboard. The feel of the letters is rough, edgy, as there’s a clear handwritten influence which is apparent. In recent years, chalkboard fonts have found great popularity and you’d find variations of the chalkboard font making an appearance in various design projects of the present day.

> Types of Chalkboard Fonts

Chalkboard font is a vast font family. There are many variants and alternatives available to experiment with – each unique and distinctive in its own way. Over the years while the standard chalkboard font typeface has been revised and upgraded, designers have also invented several new typefaces, considered as offshoots of the same cool fonts family. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular types of the chalkboard font.

Actual Chalkboard Font

You can get a glimpse of the actual chalkboard font in a classroom or in or outside of a café where waiters use chalk to write the menu of the day. Of course, because chalkboard font is handwriting inspired, and no two handwritings are completely alike, chances are you wouldn’t get a standard chalk font.

Piper Chalk Font

This chalk font type is created out of the artist’s spontaneity to create a self-designed chalkboard font. It is very simple and extremely person by appearance.

Artistic Chalk Font

Literally every chalkboard font could be considered as an artistic interpretation however, there is some variants of chalkboard font which truly standout for the artistry and master class they showcase.

Wedding Chalkboard Fonts

You would find it hard to believe but there is in fact category such as this which exists and is extremely popular. Taking full advantage of the block letterforms carved using chalk, artists have cleverly created a free fonts of such type.

Shaded Chalk Font

One more stylish font type of the chalkboard fonts is of the shaded variety. The letterforms are chalked out with depth and shading is applied within each of the letters for adding drama and capture visual interest.

Heavy flourishes and Scrolls

This font type of the chalkboard font relies heavily on the design element of the font and letterforms. The popular scrolls and flourishes within the font family are chosen individually to enhance the design element and overall appeal of the text. It’s picked usually for big-scale texts. You can also see bold fonts.

Uses of Chalkboard Fonts

Like other fonts, the chalkboard font typeface has been used widely for a range of different design purposes – both commercial and personal. This font type has many interesting alternatives. As its USP, chalkboard fonts flaunt a unique hand lettering style, which is what has driven designers to use them with so much frequency. There are several typefaces of this font that can be used for various purposes. You could create invitations, logos, slogans, posters, wall design, web design etc. The chalkboard font type boasts of several different accents and effects which differentiates it from the rest of the pack. For a designer, chalkboard fonts offer enough space for experimentation. You can also see professional fonts. Given the extent of its usage, Chalkboard font packs comprise of extra similar fonts and plus characters, words and effects.

How to Create a Chalkboard Font

Creating a Chalkboard font is very simple. Whether or not you’re a Photoshop pro, we have got for a lineup of steps you need to follow in order to design a Photoshop font on your own. Step 1: Open a chalkboard background of your choice in Photoshop. Select a font you’d like and type in the write. Step 2: It’s time add a textured overlay to the text. Follow: Layer > Layer Style > Pattern Overlay Step 3: Choose a Pattern Typ. Set the Opacity to just 20 percent, Scale 100 percent. Check the Link to Layer box. Step 4: To make the text look realistic, you’d need to make to look grainy. Right click on the layer and ‘Rasterize’ it. Next follow: Filter > Noise Step 5: Go to the Brushes drop down menu and select the Eraser Brush tool. Select the opacity to be just below 30 percent. Swipe the text randomly at different places. This will lend more texture to the text and overall design. Step 6: Make some swipes with the eraser in the background too, so that the design looks uniform. Step 7: Save the final output in PSD and JPEG formats respectively.


  • Start simple. Don’t over complicate te font designing process by overdoing a step. Read up on different chalkboard fonts, watch or read tutorials on the Web so that you develop understanding of the terminology and the step-by-step manual.
  • Don’t rush at any step. The key to designing the perfect chalkboard font is practice. Don’t give up if you error.

Do’s and Don’ts

  • If you’re a rookie in love with chalkboard fonts and designing them, bear in mind that it is important to acquaint yourself with the flairs of font design before you start to scale big. Learn as you go.

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