Bold Fonts – 22+ Free OTF, TTF, HQX Format Download

If you are looking for some amazing bold font designs for any project or web site designing, you have come to the right place. We have some amazing Free Fonts which are ideal for any graphic designing project or web site designing. You can take up some splendid design ideas from our collection of the best bold fonts and use them in your project. Bold fonts have become popular recently as it finds wide use in the modern web site designing techniques. Most of the expert designers focus on the quality of the fonts for a professional finish to their project. You can also see Cool Fonts.

bold font

Miasto Bold Font OTF Download

miasto bold font otf download

Miasto Bold Font OTF Download

miasto bold font otf download

Lakesight Bold Font Download for Free

lakesight bold font download for free

Cari Bold TTF Font Download

cari bold ttf font download

Christmas Beauty Bold Font OTF Download

christmas beauty bold font otf download

Peace Sans Font Free Download

peace sans font free download

Sovereign Typeface Bold TTF Download

sovereign typeface bold ttf download

Sanserif Bold Font Download

sanserif bold font download

Morracle Brush Bold Font TTF Download

morracle brush bold font ttf download

Bira Bold Font Free Download

bira bold font free download

Bold Alphabet Font Download

bold alphabet font download

Sovereign Bold Font OTF Download

sovereign bold font otf download

Big Bold Fonts Bundle TTF Download

big bold fonts bundle ttf download

Quincho Script Font Free Download

quincho script font free download

Serif Free Font Download

serif free font download

Unique Bold Font OTF Download

unique bold font otf download

Bold Town Font OTF Download

bold town font otf download

Ave Fedan Bold Font Download

ave fedan bold font download

Norquay Hand Drawn Bold Font OTF Download

norquay hand drawn bold font otf download

Montanha Bold Font TTF Download

montanha bold font ttf download

Portico Free Font Download

portico free font download

Brush Bold Font OTF Download

brush bold font otf download

> The Top Bold Fonts that Work Best

Here are some of the bold fonts which are mostly used nowadays:

  • Avenir- it’s very useful as both body and headline fonts. It’s used by top companies in logo and mobile number pads.
  • Baskerville- its professional look is was widely used in print materials. It has found widespread use in web site designing recently.
  • Caslon- it’s very useful for documents and is the absolute choice for Graphic Designers.
  • Bodoni- it finds use in the headings and subheadings.
  • Claredon- it will look stunning when used in the logos.
  • Distant galaxy- it’s stylish and suites best for headlines in web site designs.
  • Helvetica- it has versatile use both in formal or official and informal applications.

> Criteria for choosing the Perfect Bold Font

  • Weight- the weight or the thickness of the font characters varies from ultra light or the lighter version to the ultra bold or the deepest version. The designers, programmers and web site developers use the font size according to the project they are working on.
  • Width- width or the amount of stretch of the font characters deals with the spacing between the letters. Some commonly used terms are extended, wide, extra, narrow, ultra, compressed, etc.
  • Size- it’s the size of Art Deco Font you want to use in your project. It deals with size of characters.
  • Slope- it deals with the angle at which the characters are tilted. Most commonly used slope type is italics.

> Characteristics of the Bold Fonts to attract attention of Viewers

  • High contrast- fonts like Nouvelle vague have a high contrast which can be used for getting attention of viewers.
  • Compact- compact fonts like Hursheys or Furore look professional and are widely used in web site designing.
  • Vintage- Vintage Fonts like Candy Inc. always standout among the rest and can be used for uniqueness.
  • Playful- sometimes fonts like Grobold can highlight the funny side with their playful appeal.
  • Serif- serif fonts like Grendel with some detailing at the bottom gives a fashionable effect.

> Some points to keep in Mind

You will find a lot of bolt font ideas top use in your project or web site designing. But, firstly, you should be careful while mixing the fonts as improper mixing of fonts will look amateur instead of giving the Professional look. So, before choosing any font for your project, you can experiment with some new combinations and check for the perfect one.