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45+ Best Tattoo Fonts that will Inspire you

Tattoo fonts happen to be one of the most popular fonts these days that are widely used by designers, digital artists, tattoo artists ,and many other people for their work based purposes. It adds a different sort of aura to the text that makes it expressive and very approachable. So you can use these fonts to enhance your designing skills and the fonts to be discussed below will clear out your confusions regarding it. You can also see Top 75 Fonts of 2016.

Tattoo Script Font

tattoo script font

The swirly looking tattoo font template was inspired from tattoo lettering and was put to use. The tribal font happens to be readily available in both .ttf and .otf format. The file being of vector type can be accessed by both Photoshop and Illustrator.

Girly Jackie Tattoo Font

jackie tattoo font

This is a type of Open Type Font maker (.otf) and the bundle comprises of all the letterings in both uppercase and lowercase forms, numbers and punctuation marks as well. You can use this file to give your design a brushy text like appeal.

Angilla Tattoo Font

angilla tattoo font

This typical too font has a calligraphic appeal to it. Such a font can be widely used in case of graphic designing artworks, web designing purposes, greeting cards and many other places as such. The handwritten like look gives it a very informal appeal.

Font Bundle 01

font bundle 0

The file being of vector nature can be accessed by both Photoshop and Illustrator. You can find it readily available in the form of Open Type format (.otf), which can be put to use for any sort of graphic and web designing related purposes.

VTKS Deja Vu Tattoo Font

vtks deja vu tattoo font

The use of various types of swirly motifs and designs gives this font a very artistic and creative look. You can use this form of tattoo font to decorate greeting cards, invites, banners, bridal shower accessories and many other things.



This particular font was formed with the blend of Chicano tattoo font culture and street art. This entire concept gives this template a very casual and an easily approachable look. You can put it to use for creative products and tattoo designs, like posters, t-shirt, street wear, logo, signage, headlines, etc.

Brother Tattoo Font TTF

brother tattoo font

This particular cursive writing based tattoo font comes in the form of both True Type and Open Type font formats (.ttf and .otf). You can use it for creating t-shirt designs, bridal shower-themed graphic artworks, a banner for a party or an event and many other places.

ABATIDO Tattoo Font

abatido tattoo font

This type of font was created and inspired by the vintage signs and street arts. This file finds its usage in creative products and tattoo designs, like posters, t-shirt, street wear, logo, signage, headlines, Goth-themed party posters, event cards and many other things.

Gothic Cursive Tattoo Font

billion stars personal tattoo font

This particular font has been created with a blend of calligraphy art and cursive handwriting. The typeface is one of its kinds due to that. You can use it in greeting cards, invites, banners, posters, event cards and many other places.

Madriza Tattoo Font

madriza tattoo font

If you want to create a graphical artwork on street art and that of punk culture themes, then this is the font for you to go for. You can also put it to use while producing creative product designs, tattoo designs, posters, t-shirts and many other things.

Silver Creek Tattoo Typeface

silver creek tattoo typeface

This particular font has a vintage appeal to it. The strong shapes make it easier for people to read at ease. You can put it to use for branding, logo designing, posters, letterheads, letterpress, packaging designs, typographic design, apparel, book cover, etc.

Hellter VMF Tattoo Font

hellter vmf tattoo font

The font has a demon like appeal to it due to the sharp-edged ending of each letter at the top. The file is of Open Type format (.otf) and can be widely used for the web and graphic related purposes.
These textual tattoo fonts, as shown above, are widely used by tattoo artists but as a graphic or a web designer you can also make a use out of them. The fonts can be used extensively anywhere and everywhere because of them being available in .otf and .ttf formats.

Bellfield – Tattoo Typeface

bellfield tattoo typeface

Pretty Scriptina Tattoo Font

scriptina tattoo font

Conchita Typeface

conchita typeface

Noble Tattoo Font

noble tattoo font

Milasian Thin Tattoo Font

milasian thin tattoo font

Glaive Typeface

glaive typeface

Ginga Tatoo Font

ginga tatoo font

Captain Cook Tattoo Font Alphabet

captain cook tattoo font


Mac Juffin Tattoo Font

mac juffin tattoo font

Blood On My Blade

blood on my blade

Tattoo Flaman Font

tattoo flaman font

Original Gangsta Sleeve Tattoo Font

original gangsta font

Bandidos Tattoo Font

bandidos tattoo font

ARSÉNICO Tattoo Font

ars%c3%89nico tattoo font

Dirty and Classic Tattoo Font

dirty and classic tattoo font

Aseina Typeface for Tattoo

aseina typeface for tattoo

Perros Tattoo Font

perros tattoo font

Cool Raven Script – Free Demo

raven script free demo

Bispo Tattoo Typeface

bispo tattoo typeface

Font Tattoo Numbers and Lettering

font tattoo lettering

Tattoo Element Font

tattoo element font

A to Z Sailor Tattoo Font

a to z sailor tattoo font


Tattoo Deco Font

tattoo deco font

Trust Tattoo Font

trust tattoo font

Geometric Trey Songz Chest Unique Tattoo Designs Writing

geometric chest tattoo designs writing

Traditional Tattoo Font

traditional tattoo font


Typewriter Font Tattoo

typewriter font tattoo


Font Styles for Tattoos

font styles for tattoos

Knuckle Tattoo Font

knuckle tattoo font

Old English Tattoo Font

old english tattoo font

Old School Tattoo Font

old school tattoo font

Elegant Latin Tattoo Font

latin tattoo font


Types of Writing for Tattoos

Tattoos are not just images and designs. Many people prefer to get a name or a message engraved as a tattoo while others like to intersperse image and letterings. There are different types of writings for tattoos and the users can choose the one that is catches their fancy. The font types include

Design your Own Tattoo Writing

In spite of a wide range of Free Tattoo Fonts available online, there are a lot of people who still prefer to come up with their own tattoo fonts just to ensure that the writing is reflective of the image or anything else for which it is being used. The easiest way to design your own tattoo writing is by using the tattoo font generator websites that offer special software for the purpose. With these, you can come up with funky and cool fonts.

Different Fonts for Tattoos

Tattoo art has become quite prevalent these days with people making a beeline for the tattoo parlors to get these. No wonder then that the art is fast evolving with newer designs coming up with each passing day. Along with it you can now also find Stylish Tattoo Fonts that add to the charm of these designs. Some of the tattoo fonts that you can find are

There is no denying the fact that with the preferences of the people being so diverse, the tattoo art has evolved over the years, giving rise to a large number of tattoo fonts. There are hundreds of these fonts available and people can choose the one they prefer and that gels in with their tattoo design template. However, the most popular of these fonts are

How to Tattoo Artists do Fonts?

The art of designing a perfect tattoo is in itself a challenge and a tough one at that. Not a single mistake is allowed as the effect is irreversible. In such a scenario, it is extremely crucial that the tattoo artists get the fonts right, the very first time round. What they need for the purpose is loads of practice.

From Cool Tattoo Fonts to bible fonts for tattoos or courier new font tattoo, they need to put in a lot of effort to write these perfectly. They mainly start off by practicing these with pen and paper and only then do they attempt these on the skin.

What are Good Tattoo Fonts?

There are a wide range of tattoo fonts to choose from. However, the good tattoo fonts are those that can be easily designed while also giving the whole tattoo a stunning look. For example if you have seen Rihanna’s shoulder tattoo, you will see that the tattoo text font appears rather intrinsic. However, this is easy to design. Some of the good Tattoo Fonts are Fearless Script, Inked Script, Mardian Pro, True Love, Hustlers and Bleeding Cowboys. It should also be noted that one of the most popular tattoo seems to be the single word, Faith.

How to Draw Tattoo Fonts?

Tattoo Letter Fonts are not really as easy to draw as they seem to be. This requires a lot of precision and a keen eye for detail. In such a scenario, drawing tattoo fonts is easier said than done. In order to draw tattoo font on the skin, you need to be well versed with the kind of font that looks good with various tattoos. Like the font for romantic tattoo is way different from the font for blessed tattoo. You need to have a lot of practice before you attempt anything of the sort on the skin. However, when using fonts for website content and publicity brochures you can download various types of fonts like thug life tattoo font etc from online platforms.

Uses of Tattoo Fonts

There are a number of uses of tattoo fonts.

You can easily find a large range of tattoo fonts on various websites template. These also include the Calligraphy Fonts for Tattoos which is quite popular these days. These fonts are readily available and can be easily downloaded. These can be used for various projects and thus are extremely popular.

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