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9+ Abstract Tattoos

Artists get inspiration, not just from the world they live in but also from the worlds living within them. And like any canvas, the skin plays its part in holding some of these awe-inspiring tattoo designs.Abstract tattoos have been growing in popularity in recent years as tattoos are getting more widely accepted in the corporate world.

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With abstract tattoos often drawing attention and curiosity from bystanders, they have certainly been getting more attention in social media and in real life. We are happy to share with you some of the hottest abstract tattoos to grace the Internet.

Small Abstract Tattoo


Abstract Male Tattoo


Unique Abstract Tattoo


Abstract art Tattoo


Abstract Flower Tattoo


Abstract Art in Ink

Ink artists have been experimenting with more techniques and styles as the tattoo industry flourishes. With more and more skin to paint on, tattoo artists have honed their craft to near perfection. Some have created masterpieces and zany tattoos featuring illusions such as 3D tattoos, complex patterns, and geometric shapes. They are a sight to see, even if it does get a little awkward to stare at a total stranger. Some of the best abstract art are the ones that make us think but may never really get a straight answer for it. We can speculate what lone trees superimposed on a clock-like pattern set under a red sun could mean. But unless we get to talk to the artist or the painted man, we wouldn’t know.

The Body as the Canvas

Abstract art on bare skin is beautiful; the body itself is part of the work, and together they create a small walking gallery. A man or woman walking around with their storied tattoos and tattoos they got on a whim sparks interesting conversation among strangers.

Whether they mean anything to us or not, it doesn’t make them less breathtaking. But when they do mean something, they write a story that moves the people who see them.

Colorful Abstract Tattoo


Abstract Tattoo Designs


Abstract Warrior Script Tattoo


Abstract Elephant Tattoo


Painted Individuals

There’s more exquisite skin art to find and behold, and some of these tattoos look haunting in its beauty. Tattoos are one form of underappreciated art for so long, and they go a long way in marking someone as an individual, not for the sake of being different but by being and wanting to decorate oneself to feel closer to the person they dreamed they’d be.

There’s plenty of stigma going around in getting tattooed, but there are enough skin art and abstract tattoos to prove they can be done tastefully. Sometimes, a little body modification brings someone closer to their authentic self.

Geometric Tattoo Templates

If you liked these images of abstract tattoo art, have a look at our collection of geometric tattoos that we’ve decided to share with you. Geometric tattoos are another form of abstract art that have quickly gained popularity in our social media culture and are surely making its rounds to a much wider audience.

Stay updated on the rising trend of geometric tattoos. They employ straight lines and shapes to create something masterful while looking surprisingly natural and alive, sometimes even juxtaposing bare-bones line structures with photo-realistic tattoos.

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