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9+ Small Tattoos For Girls

It is usually guys who get tattoos as a body design aesthetic and as a form of individuality and self-expression. However, more girls nowadays are opening up to tattoos in different parts of their bodies as well. Tattoos look great on both sexes, especially if the design they have selected for a specific tattoo matches their personality, which enables them to carry and display it well. 

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If you are a girl and you want a tattoo that is not that visible or a tattoo design that is relatively small compared to normal tattoos, we can provide you with small tattoos appropriate for the female gender. Moreover, we also have downloadable Modern Tattoo Styles where you can select a tattoo design that you may want to use as well or from which you could draw inspiration. 

Small Colibris Tattoo for Girls


Small Tribal Fairy Tattoo for Girls

Small Back Tattoo for Girls


Small 3D Tattoo for Girls


Small Tattoo Placement

A tattoo may be placed in almost all the parts of the body. However, these are the usual body areas where girls tend to place their small tattoos:

  • Wrists
  • Ankles
  • Fingers
  • Napes
  • Bellies
  • Feet
  • Upper back

Selecting a body part where you want to have a tattoo is very essential in the overall visuals of the tattoo. There are tattoo designs that truly look great on specific body areas. If you are unaware of the designs that are flattering in specific body parts, then you may look at our samples or you may ask the tattoo artist for suggestions.

Small Tattoo Designs for Girls

Since the tattoo is small in size, it is very usual for the tattoo designs that girls pick to symbolize a thought, an advocacy, or any idea which may be executed through a simple, small, but meaningful icon.

A few small tattoo design that you may select from are as follows:

  • Stars and other astronomy symbols
  • Butterflies, flowers, and other small natural icons
  • Anchors, compass, and other materials and tools used for travel and navigation
  • Short quotations and saying
  • Other small items that may symbolize anything related or important to the girl selecting a tattoo

Other than our sample small tattoos for girls, you may also download our Abstract tattoos should you want abstract designs to be applied to your body as a tattoo.

Small Wrist Tattoo for Girls


Small Side Tattoo for Girls

Small Ankle Tattoo for Girls


Small Star Tattoo for Girls


On Selecting a Small Tattoo Design

In selecting a tattoo design that will be placed in your specific body part, here are a few suggestions that you may want to follow:

  • Select a small tattoo that have a meaning to your life. Though they are small, the meaning of the tattoo can make up for what it lacks in size.
  • Assure that the design of the tattoo is intended to be small. There are some big tattoo designs that do not look as good when they are decreased in size.
  • Choose your design well. Be sure that you are comfortable with the design that you selected and you did not choose it just because of peer pressure or current trends. Additionally, analyze the tattoo design and whether it looks good in the body area where you want it placed.
  • Consider some other factors. Your work functions and the rules in your workplace might be against visible tattoos. If you are not allowed to have tattoos in body areas where it is still visible when you wear your uniform, consider against having small tattoos in these body areas.

Other than our small tattoo designs for girls, our Arm tattoos are also available for download for those who want to use it as a reference for the tattoo design that they want on their arms.

Small Rose on a Girl’s Hand


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