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9+ Skull Tattoo Designs

Skull designs are a popular design choice for tattoos. While some might say that skulls are a morbid subject, they can be done tastefully with tattoo designs ranging form the intimidating burning skulls like that of Ghost Rider to the hauntingly beautiful skull tattoo designs that are a common part of celebrating Diá de Muertos, or Day of the Dead—a grandiose holiday about life and death observed throughout Mexico.

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Check out some these tattoo designs if you’re interested. Whether you’re thinking of getting a tattoo or not, take a moment to appreciate the art and craftsmanship it took to bring the skulls on their bare skin to life.

Traditional Skull Tattoo Design

Skull Tattoo Design on Chest


Sugar Skull Tattoo Design

Floral Skull Tattoo Design


Skull Tattoo Design on Arm

Life and Death in Skin Art

Skull designs are often complemented with vibrant roses, the juxtaposition of the two elements makes for a very striking visual on the contrast between life and death and a very-awe inspiring image to behold. A closely similar theme is seen in candy skulls, or calavera, and—to no surprise—since the celebration of the circle of life and death is a very important aspect of Diá de Muertos.

Hot and Intimidating Skull Designs

It is very popular among men to get skull tattoos, maybe to show fearlessness or acceptance of death or just because they’re badass, even more so with flames. Meanings behind the tattoos are lost on the ones getting them sometimes, not that it matters too much because not everyone getting tattoos are looking for meaning. Beauty and attitude doesn’t always have to bear such heavy meanings.

Sometimes, people just need to look a certain way, and tattoos are one way to get that need done. While not the most common place to get inked, tattoos around the forearms tend to get a lot of attention as they are not usually hidden unless the wearer chooses to wear long sleeves. If you could use some inspiration, take a look at this collection of forearm tattoos that we’ve collected for you.

3D Skull Hand Tattoo Design


Colorful Skull Tattoo Design


Love Skull Tattoo Design


Native Skull Tattoo Design

Black Color Skull Tattoo Design


Mortality of Ink Artwork

As a design element, skulls aren’t going away soon, and they don’t have to. Passing is a part of life and should be celebrated as such—maybe not with a decorated candy skull from Mexico or a flaming skull with crossbones across your back but in appreciation and recognition of its innate beauty.

It might even be a relic of our hunter-gatherer phase in our evolution, collecting skulls as trophies to signify our might and mortality. Death is another element of culture and life and one of the greatest symbols for it doesn’t always have to bring feelings of fear and dread.

More Tattoo Designs

There are plenty more design choices to mull over and consider if you’re thinking of getting a tattoo. And if not, some appreciation for the impressive imagery across someone’s body is a fine way to waste our time. Besides, time isn’t really wasted anyway if we’re enjoying it, right?

So take a slice out of our own mortality to enjoy this collection of 3D tattoos. We might as well do what we love for isn’t the acceptance of mortality the main reason for why skull tattoos can be so unnerving and beautifully inspiring at the same time?

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