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10+ 3D Tattoo Designs – PSD, EPS

Tattoos provide a simple mechanism for self-expression. Even so, not all people take pride in tattoos; whereas some people cannot wait to get them on their skins, some individuals swear never to use them. The latter category is often driven by the belief that 3D Tattoo Designs might prevent them from getting their job since tattoos are permanent. Nonetheless, modern 3D Designs for tattoos are temporary. They allow you to modify your body only when you want to do so.

3D Tree Tattoo

d tree tattoo

The 3D Tree Tattoo is available for free download. You can freely use these tree tattoo drawings that feature illustration & fine arts.

3D Halloween Tattoo

d halloween tattoo

This 3D Halloween Tattoo is available in a high resolution in its original form. You can edit the resolution to suit your projects. This colored and detailed tattoo contains an eye and claws.

3D Red Butterfly Tattoo

d red butterfly tattoo

Use this 3D Red Butterfly Tattoo in gifting your friend on their birthday. The colorful ink tattoo is temporary and serves as ideal accessories for summer and spring seasons.

3D Elephant Tattoo

d elephant tattoo

You should take advantage of this best 3D Elephant Tattoo that is freely available for download and add a realistic taste to your industrial ideas. It is clean, classic and editable in Adobe.

3D Chimpanzee Tattoo

d chimpangee tattoo

The 3D Chimpanzee Tattoo features a beautifully dark colored chimpanzee with strips. The 520 by 767 pixels file for your back is downloadable and efficient for art designing and wallpapers.

3D Butterflies Fake Tattoo

d butterflies fake tattoo

The hand drawn 3D Butterflies Fake Tattoo is print-ready, durable and ultra-thin. The brilliantly colored realistic tattoo that comes with instructions features unreal inks that at the least, last a week.

3D Scorpion Tattoo

d scorpion tattoo

The 3D Scorpion Tattoo for wallpapers features an elegant and clean display for all skin types. You can download it for wallpaper design. The public portrait measures 911 by 733 pixels.

Crazy 3D Tattoo

crazy 3d tattoo

You can draw the crazy 3D Tattoo on your hand, legs, neck or shoulder since it features a minimal design with beautiful colors. It is available for download, customization, and editing.

3D Bee Tattoo

d bee tattoo

This 3D Bee Tattoo contains detailed elements of a bee. It has been beautifully colored in a clean background. You can freely use the public tattoo for your elegant personal projects.

3D Spider Tattoo

d spider tattoo

Join the global society in downloading, using and sharing this 3D Tiger Tattoo that is editable and customizable using HTML. It features a spider on its nest in a neatly colored background.

3 Dimension Fox Tattoo

dimension fox tattoo

Creative 3D Tattoo

creative 3d tattoo

Finally, when planning to beautify your body either to express your personality or make yourself more attractive, you should consider using watercolor tattoos. These affordable tattoos are often temporary. Even so, you can care for them so that they last longer. You can remove them when you desire so. You may also see Watercolor Tattoos.

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