20+ Stylish Watercolor Tattoos & Designs

Watercolor tattoo designs are efficient for designing gift-wrappings, cards, and textiles. You can use them both in personal and commercial projects for online and printing use. What is more, you can use Water Color Tattoo Designs on your skin as long as you are neither hypersensitive nor allergic to adhesives. These drawings come in diverse colors and they feature different forms of art including flora and fauna. Whereas some of them are unisex, others simply suit females or males. They are discussed below:

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Abstract Heart Watercolor Tattoo

abstract heart watercolor tattoobutton

The Abstract Heart Watercolor Tattoo is available for unlimited utility in colored, monochrome and 3D designs. The downloadable and editable hand drawn art has been crafted using brushes, ink, and pencil.

Watercolor Nature Tattoo

watercolor nature tattoobutton

The Watercolor Nature Tattoo for beautification prides in thumbs, links and embeds. It comes in a very high resolution. This traditional art is downloadable as a JPG file measuring 1252 X 2748 pixels.

Wolf Watercolor Tattoo

fox watercolor tattoobutton

The art fusion of wolf watercolor tattoo portrays the face of a richly colored wolf using ink, brushes, and pencil on human skin. It is suitable for wallpapers and designing cards & t-shirts.

Hart Watercolor Tattoo

heart watercolor tattoobutton

The Hart Watercolor tattoo drawing has been designed using water paint, pencil, and thick and thin brushes. The multi-colored illustration of a deer is downloadable and you can use it to gift your loved ones.

Blue Watercolor Rose Tattoo

blue watercolor rose tattoobutton

The Blue Watercolor Rose tattoo requires five hours to get it done. It features a bold design that works best on shoulders, arms, and legs. It is compatible with Windows and Adobe Photoshop CS5.1+.

Turtle and Whale Watercolor Tattoos

turtle and whale watercolor tattoosSource

The tree watercolor tattoo sufficiently adds glamor to your skin. The neat and well-colored tree drawing contains roots, branches, leaves and stem of a large tree that is downloadable for artwork.

Watercolor Butterfly Tattoo

watercolor butterfly tattoobutton

The traditional watercolor butterfly tattoo for body modification comes in high resolution with links, thumb, and embed. This Photoshop tattoo of 400 ISO speed is compatible with Adobe CS5.1+ and windows.

Watercolor Flower Tattoo

watercolor flower tattoobutton

This Watercolor Flower Tattoo suits girls who are ready to show off their shoulder caps with added beauty. It contains an elegant pink flower with green leaves and hollow cherry buds.

Sailor Heart Watercolor Tattoo

sailor heart watercolor tattoobutton

The Sailor Heart Watercolor Tattoo prides in its temporary nature. This colored, customizable and editable file for non-sensitive skins comes as a pair that lasts a couple of days. It is removable using a washcloth.

Owl Watercolor Tattoo

owl watercolor tattoobutton

The Owl Watercolor Tattoo is hand designed using ink and pencil on awesome paper. It features a variety of designs and rich colors. It suits t-shirt designs, wallpapers, and basic skin modification.

Watercolor Hummingbird Tattoo

watercolor humming bird tattoobutton

The Watercolor Humming Bird Tattoo comes with embed, thumb, and links containing 2606 X 1749 resolution. This traditional and beautifully colored tattoo is editable and customizable using Adobe Photoshop and Windows.

Temporary Watercolor Tattoo

temporary watercolor tattoo

This temporary watercolor tattoo features a hand drawn flower design. The elegant tattoo for your neck comes in two designs with an instructional file. Unfortunately, it is unfit for very sensitive skins.

Watercolor Smiling Child Tattoo

watercolor baby smiling tattoobutton

There is no better colored and realistic tattoo than the Watercolor Smiling Child Tattoo. The neo-traditional tattoo features black, green, blue and brown ink drawings which are ideal for textile designs, wallpapers, and your skin.

Cute Watercolor Tattoo

temporary watercolor tattoobutton

You must not use this on your sensitive skin if it is allergic to adhesive. The easy to apply swim, bike, run tattoo is removable with soap & water.

Beautiful Woman Watercolor Tattoo

beautiful woman watercolor tattoobutton

Phoenix Watercolor Tattoo

phoenix %e2%80%93 watercolor tattoobutton

Red Rose Watercolor Tattoo

red rose watercolor tattoobutton

Pitbull Dog Watercolor Tattoo

pitbull dog watercolor tattoobutton

Fox Watercolor Tattoo

fox watercolor tattoobutton

In conclusion, you do not have to worry about tattooing your body anymore. Modern tattoos come in diverse blends of Watercolor Paintings that are ideal for any project. You can easily put these Watercolor Drawings and remove them from your skin anytime. Furthermore, there exist bold and light tattoos for different body parts. You may also see 3D Art Tattoo Design.

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