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Itineraries often hold a sizeable amount of valuable and practical information for their reader and creator. You will need to create an itinerary worth reading, so choosing the right itinerary size is quite important. itinerary-size

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Itinerary Sizes Standard

An itinerary is a useful document for events, journal entries, fulfilling your bucket list, or even planning something like a student’s school field trip. The amount of information written in an itinerary varies as well as how it is presented, so to determine what works best for your work, here are the commonly used itinerary sizes.


An itinerary written and printed in a statement format should have a paper size of 5.5 × 8.5 inches.

US Letter

When printing an itinerary on US letter paper, the dimensions are 8.5 × 11 inches.

A4 Size

Itineraries also work well when printed on A4 paper; its standard size is 210 x 297 mm or  8.3 × 11.7 inches.

Itinerary Sizes for Print

Printing an itinerary is important, particularly when taking a flight, ship, or train with more than one route. If you need to print an itinerary that is complex and filled with data, then an A4 size or US letter size paper is an excellent choice. Suppose an itinerary, for example, outlines a wedding party’s activities or helps map out your tentative vacation plans. In that case, you can choose to print this document on statement paper size of 5.5 × 8.5 inches.


Itinerary Sizes for Business

Itineraries are important documents used in the tourism industry and for event planners. Itineraries tend to be more complex and comprehensive, which is why the best paper to use is A4 or US letter size.


Itinerary Sizes for MS Word

MS Word is often used to create all kinds of legal documents, including itineraries. The default paper size of MS Word is Letter, which is 8.5 × 11 inches. If you need to adjust the paper size, click the Layout tab, then click size, select more paper sizes, and then adjust the scale for width and height.


Itinerary Sizes for Apple Pages

For Apple users, Apple Pages is an alternative application to form an itinerary. You can make use of US Letter, A4, or Statement paper size when creating and printing out this document.


Itinerary Sizes for Google Docs

Google docs also allow you to customize the paper size of your documents. So if you need to print out an itinerary using this application, click the page set up button, choose your paper size (A4 or Letter) or customize it to fit the content.



What is the best size for the itinerary cover photo?

The ideal size for an itinerary cover photo is 1200 × 900 pixels.

What is the format of an itinerary?

An itinerary’s format comprises 1 to 2 pages and relevant details such as activities, dates, and time schedules.

What is a detailed itinerary?

A detailed itinerary includes basic information such as routes, dates, and times but also a budget or prices, the duration of each activity, website links as references, contact information, and other relevant details.

Which is an open jaw itinerary?

An open jaw itinerary which is common in travel, uses different means of transport, available in your area of departure, destination, or both, to take you on trips to other locations.

What is the size of travel itinerary?

The best size for a travel itinerary is on an A4 size paper in portrait position while using MS Word or Excel sheets to create this document.

What should a travel itinerary include?

A travel itinerary should include the destinations, the type of transportation and the schedule, a list of activities, and accommodation.

What is duration in itinerary?

A duration in an itinerary is the time spent from one area or activity to another.

How do you make itinerary tour packages?

To create a tour package itinerary, you will need to do some research, check ticket and hotel prices, add the places you wish to visit, include side or day tours, and lastly, don’t forget the dates.

What is a meeting itinerary?

A meeting itinerary is arranged whenever a meeting is underway, including the meeting’s time, date, venue, and purpose.

What are the sources of information you need to know in a tour itinerary?

You need to know where your destination is, the travel documents you need to prepare, the budget, the activities and excursions you will be joining, and other services offered during the trip.

What is descriptive type of itinerary?

A descriptive itinerary is an accurate and descriptive schedule of travel and tour activities that are designed by a travel agent staff.

What is the main focus of the itinerary?

The main focus of every itinerary is the places, activities, and dates.

How many elements are in an itinerary?

For every organizer, the following elements included in an itinerary are destination, duration, program, timetable, and accommodation.

What are the benefits of creating your own itinerary?

The benefits of creating a custom itinerary, whether for a long weekend vacation or a simple church party, are that you are able to budget, look for alternatives, manage your expectations and add any personalized touches.

What are the points to remember in preparing an itinerary?

Preparing an itinerary is done with careful analysis and always see to it that you have the budget, the dates, destination, a list of activities and excursions, and alternatives.