One of the best ways to recognize champions is to give them award certificates. This way, you can show them that appreciate and see them as the best of their craft. But if you're struggling to create certificates, don't worry because we have a collection of ready-made Champion Certificate Templates. These templates are 100% editable and printable. They are also professionally made and written. So, what are you waiting for? Download a template today!

How to Create a Champion Certificate

According to's article, people love to win because it feels good. And, if you're hosting a competition like a sport or others, show recognition to the champions by giving them award certificates for champions. To help you start, check out the tips we've prepared for you below.

1. Decide on the Design

In making a volleyball, basketball, bowling, ping pong, or other types of simple certificates, you have to decide on your design. You can choose a theme or pick the colors you think fits it. You have to ensure that your design is clear and doesn't empower the other content present.

2. Write a Formal Wording

Your basic certificate must use formal language in writing the content of the award. Use formal language when you write the title, presentation section, recipient section (name of the champion), and other certificate sections.

3. Use Two to Three Typography

To ensure that your certificate will look its best, you can only use two to three typography. Using too many typographies can make your design look cluttered and unflattering. So, it's best to minimize the use of typography. Additionally, choose readable and professional-looking typography for your editable certificate.

4. Organize Everything

Next on the list is the arrangement of your content. It would be best to organize your custom certificate's content accordingly. Make sure that everything is readable from beginning to the bottom.

5. Don't Add Too Many Details

Lastly, when it comes to details, less is better. Make sure that your phrases are short. Don't include unnecessary content to your modern certificate.

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