Concept proposals can either be business or academic-related. It can be about a new product design or a research proposal. Whatever it is for, a good concept paper should capture your thoughts and ideas. To guarantee project approval, concept proposals must be well-written and solution-focused projects.

To start writing, research a topic, and explain why you chose it. Make sure that it's a current and relevant issue. You must also provide an idea of how to address it and the methods you will use. No matter how innovative and unique your proposal is, if the information is incomplete, project sponsors may not want to fund it. The overview of your project must be concise and contains its general idea.

Since you're still at the conceptual stage, keep it short and simple. You’re not writing a research paper or a marketing plan yet. Although it's short, make sure that it doesn't compromise the message you are trying to convey. At the end of your concept proposal, write a summary to wrap it all up.

If you find that there is no standard concept proposal format given, use one of the many samples available at! We have a customizable array of concept note proposals that you can download. As most forms contain similar information, you can easily input the name of your organization, project title, context, rationale, goals, and objectives, expected outcomes, and innovation and uniqueness of the project. You can be sure that the concept proposal you submit is compliant with the minimum requirements.

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