From school diplomas or promotion prizes, people use certificates as all kinds of different awards. And we can help you design one in no time with our professional Congratulations Certificate Templates. Create printable awards for teacher certifications, winner recognitions, student graduations, and more. Plus, our samples are compatible with different applications, including Microsoft Word. So, hurry and download today—commemorate achievements appropriately by incorporating our easy-to-use certificate templates.

How to Make a Congratulations Certificate

A certificate’s written content follows a general format; however, its exact wording can be altered to fit your specific needs (as an article from Lifewire explains). And it’s this versatility that makes certificates excellent for commemorating a wide variety of accomplishments—be it for work done by a school teacher or task completion by a contest winner.

Putting together a congratulatory certificate is fairly easy. However, if you’re still unfamiliar with how to do so, consider reading our tips below.

1. Decide on Your Certificate’s Size and Layout

When creating your award certificate, start by determining how large you need it and which layout orientation to set for it. Several standard sizes you can consider are 8.5 x 11 inches, 11 x 14 inches, and 11 x 17 inches. In terms of the orientation, you can opt for either landscape or portrait format.

2. Apply Appropriate Visuals in Your Certificate

For a proper congratulatory award, the visual design should be both colorful and professional. In order to achieve this, use simple shapes to create a broadly appealing vector-style graphic design. If your company or organization has any associated branding colors, then be sure to incorporate them in the renders.

3. Use Font Styles and Colors that Enhance the Aesthetics

Paying attention to your typography is integral to a printable prize certificate. When picking your font colors, stick with 3 at most and use them for outlining key information in the award (i.e., awardee’s name, certificate header). Use 1 or 2 styles while applying different font sizes to make key information stand out.

4. Properly Arrange Your Certificate’s Text

There’s a number of details you need to include in your certificate document. The first bit to write down is the organization or business’ name, placing it right at the top of the design. Finally, enter the certificate header, recipient’s name, award recognition, and date of the award.

And you’re done with our tips! Prepare certificates that show appreciation for any achievements!

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