Excellence Certificates PSD

Reward Achievements Not Just with Incentives, but with Certificates Too! Download’s Free Excellence Certificates That Serve as Proof of Work, Training, or Academic Distinction. Choose From Different Designs That Fit Your Requirements, Including Adding Contents and Your School or Company Logo. Download, Edit, and Print in Adobe Photoshop.See more

Whether it is a business, work, or academic excellence, if someone does an exemplary performance, he or she deserves an award. While a simple thank you from a manager can be heartwarming, receiving a formal award is more overwhelming. Thus, you need to secure a certificate that exclusively recognizes them. Check out our Ready-Made Excellence Certificate Templates in Adobe Photoshop (PSD)! These professionally designed templates are 100% customizable, easily editable, and printable in any device that has access to any available software anytime, anywhere! Don't wait for another day. Award your diligent student and hardworking employee for their excellence by downloading this template now!

How to Create Excellence Certificate in Adobe Photoshop

Appreciating a student or an employee's excellent job is an important act that shows honor to their exceptional performance. In fact, students are more likely to develop respect for others and inspire them to look for their potential. However, according to the Corporate Communication Experts, more than thirty-five percent of employees confirmed that the lack of recognition results in discouragement and considered as among the most significant restraints to their productivity.

If you are planning to create a certificate that recognizes a student or employee's achievement, we have suggested practical tips for you. Enjoy! 

1. Specify the Need to Create an Excellence Certificate

Before you begin with planning for other details and design of your desired certificate, make it a point to think of the overall purpose of your document. Is it to award a student who has high academic excellence? Are you planning to create an achievement certificate? Or, are you preparing to give a formal award to a productive employee? Asking questions like these will allow you to come up with a well-defined objective. Moreover, it will help you write relevant certificate wordings and suitable designs. 

2. Gather All the Essential Certificate Details

Once you have already identified the intent of your certificate, list down all the primary details that you need to present. Certificates might have the same features such as the certificate title, company or school logo, recipients' name, a brief message declaring the reason for awarding him or her, a date, venue where the awarding takes place, authorized names and signatures, etc. 

In creating the certificate message, take the chance to show your gratitude to the employee or student. Praise him or her for the excellent job they have done for the improvement of themselves and everyone. Moreover, encourage them to continue doing their best and do more. Just a tip: Have a formal yet grateful tone. Keep it short and simple. Check each detail, especially the kind of words you used and the spelling of names. Make sure that all are correct. 

3. Format and Design Your Excellence Certificate

Achieve a compelling certificate that will surely be memorable to the recipient. To have that, pick the right certificate size. An 8.5 x 11-inch dimension is ideal. If you are opting for a minimal style, apply color scheme that matches your theme or branding. Black, blue, and soft color palettes can be a good combination in a white paper. Since you are creating a professional certificate, utilize readable typefaces such as Sans Serifs, Serifs, and Calligraphy. These fonts are simple yet elegant to achieve a professional look. Moreover, you can use ribbons, lines, and borders to design your certificate. Balance everything; consider proper alignment and spacing. 

4. Experiment with a Ready-Made Template and Print with Quality

Certificate-making is not a difficult task for you to do but it might consume much of your time, especially if you are a beginner. To help you, look for possible certificate design ideas and inspiration online. Gladly, we have sample certificates available. Freely download, open, and customize it in Adobe Photoshop to suit your needs. Once done, print it with high-quality paper or card stock. And you are now ready to recognize exceptional individuals in the company or at school.