Save The Date Invitations Illustrator Templates

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Let your guests know the date of your event in advance to help them prepare and secure a schedule with the help of our Ready-Made Save-the-Date Invitation Templates in Illustrator. Our templates have been created with a well-designed layout that will allow you to highlight all the important information about your event. We have also provided these templates with creative and appropriate illustrations and other design elements that you can use to make your printable save-the-dates more aesthetically pleasing. You are guaranteed to have a convenient and efficient experience when you use our Ready-Made Save-the-Date Invitation Templates. Download one for free in Illustrator now!

How To Make A Save The Date Invitation Template in Illustrator

When you're organizing an event or party, contemplate sending a save the date invitation to your guests days or months before the said occasion. Put into consideration that your guests have their schedules and plans. If you can't send a save the date invites, there's a high chance that some guests cannot attend your event or party due to a conflict with their schedule. By sending this type of invitation, your guests can mark their calendars for your party. Get a 100% guest attendance by creating a save the date invitation now. Here's a short guide on how to create one easily. 

1. Establish What The Event Is

You cannot create a save the date invitation when you haven't established what event are you organizing. A save the date invitation should be parallel to the theme of the event or party you're throwing. So, if you're throwing a garden wedding party, the invitation card needs to have floral or flower designs. If you're throwing a baseball birthday party, the invitation card design should have a baseball-related artwork. 

2. Use A Template And Access In Illustrator

If you want a hassle-free invitation-making, consider using our sample invitation templates above. As you can see, some of our save the date invitation templates above have a very vague design so that you won't give away too much to your invitees about the party. Our templates are beautifully designed to give you nothing but the best for your special day. If you want to do modifications with the template, try accessing it in Adobe Illustrator which millions of designers use to create anything and everything. 

3. Inscribe The Basics

Just like any ordinary and printable invitation, a save the date also needs to include details regarding the party or event. Invitation cards don't have much space for you to work on, you need to include only the essential information and nothing more. The important information you need to incorporate the name of the event, the time and date, short message, and the "Formal Invitation To Follow" statement. 

4. Modify The Invitation Template

Our site boasts a fully customizable feature on our templates. You'll be able to do alteration and modifications to our save the date invitation template to suit your needs better. You can get creative with the design to give it a unique personality. Personalize the template however you want, you can change the color scheme, the typography, and even the graphic. Don't be afraid of experimenting with your design. Use only one or two typefaces to avoid making your card appear messy. Be sure that the typeface you're going to use is legible and corresponds to the event. 

5. Print And Distribute The Invitation

Use a high-quality paper if you want to produce a top-notch output. Place your invitation card in an envelope when you distribute it. It is a general rule that you start disseminating your save the date invitation card four to six months before the date of the party or event.