Is it summertime? Or you guys just wanna have fun at night? Invite your friends with some crazy night hangout party by the swimming pool to chill out. Use flyers for a party invite like our products here on our site that we provided below. We guarantee you 100% customizable and beautifully designed templates for sure you want to download. You can personalize it with ease with the use of any available file formats such as Adobe Photoshop (.psd), Adobe Illustrator (.ai), Microsoft Word (.docx), Microsoft Publisher (.pub), and Apple Pages (.pages). It also available in (US) 8.5x11 inches + Bleed size. Grab your swimsuits now and make a splash with your poolside party!

How to Make a Pool Party Flyer in Illustrator

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, swimming is the fourth most popular sport or activity in the U.S., which holds the walking as the first and exercising with equipment comes in 2nd. Pool parties usually come during summer before back to school to celebrate their vacation, on a tropical day, or a crazy night hangout with friends before the semester ends.

A flyer is a handout given to people for promoting and advertising products, services, or events. If you are having a pool party either in your backyard or in a pool resort, you should have promotional flyers by your side and distribute them as a party invite. Here we provide you a step-by-step guide for you to be guided on how to make a pool party flyer in Illustrator.

1. Know the Details

First, you got to know the details of your pool party event, primarily the venue and time. Plan the theme, and what's with the party. You can have whether a movie night by the swimming pool, a retro night, a Hawaiian Luau, or a beach bbq party. After you incorporate the details, outline them for your event flyer.

2. Choose a Template

There are a lot of possibilities in this world, including the designs and layouts of a flyer. We created various beautifully designed templates that you can choose from and provide you with 100% customizable and high-quality products. Create your party flyer with the ready-made templates according to your needs you can acquire here on our site. Make sure also to check if the template is compatible with Adobe Illustrator.

3. Edit the Layout and Add some designs

Edit the layout of your sample flyer by adding some texts and designs. Open the file with Adobe Illustrator and start editing it. Use the type tool to fill the template with texts. Make sure to include your contact details such as contact number and email address for easy access. Adding images will help you make your flyer more beautiful. Modify and adjust the color schemes to match your tone. You can add shapes and more elements as your preference. Make it as creative as it good enough to catch people's attention.

4 Recheck Your Work

Review and recheck your elegant flyer to check if there are errors and mistakes. They need to be fixed before printed out to avoid having problems afterward. Mark the errors and edit them as much as possible. Have someone proofread it to give you comments and feedback on your works. It also tells you if it's effective or not.

5. Print and Distribute

After you finalize your work, save your work and you may proceed to print dozens of copies of it. As long as you are done printing the target amount of copies, distribute them to your friends and to other people to join your party event. Spread the news with your simple flyers and have your party get started.

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