How To Create Basic Postcards In Adobe Illustrator?

If you want to be remarkable to secure a long-term agreement with your client, postcards are your best go-to. It can be a strong marketing piece that you need for your business but making one can be tedious. You need to choose whether you will go to a standard, traditional, vintage, or modern type of postcard. However, we got you. Here are simple tips you can consider in making a personal or business basic postcard.

1. Design For Your Target Audience

Your audience is the sole reason why you wanted to make a basic postcard. With so, make sure that you understand the tone and style of the design your audience will be interested in. It will be a smart move as your basic business postcard would likely be popular or even repel to others as a business reference. To educate your audience, you need to indicate texts, return address, and CTA.

2. Format Your Postcard

Keep them as basic as possible. Make use of one to two font types, establish harmonious elements relationship, and avoid blocks of texts for it to be eligible. Distribute them evenly in the design. If you are looking for a template to provide you everything that has been mentioned, we offer Basic Postcard Templates that you can utilize in Adobe Illustrator or any file format. Our templates are 100% customizable so you can format and insert design elements that you want.

3. Formulate Its Content

Basic postcards convey the message in a short yet impactful manner. A single statement or two is undoubtedly enough. Also, a large headline with a short line of offer copy and a call-to-action. Including a call-to-action would give a hint to your audience as to what they need to do after reading your basic postcard.

4. Make Use Of The Space

Any postcards such as a basic, sample, and simple postcards have size and shape variations. It can be in a vertical or horizontal shape orientation or 6x9 or 6x11 size. Whatever size or shape it is, it would likely be challenging to convey your message. So, make use of the space provided. Make it work by complementing images and texts. They must reveal the message together and in harmony. Your target is for your message to be conveyed so work it together.

5. Insert High-Resolution And Striking Image(s)

A basic postcard is a special type of card that you can take risks and include relevant and out of the box images. Make it relatable, avoid using stock images and instead, use high-resolution images. Also, accentuate a hint of color and shading in your image. It would make your audience head turn and would grab your postcard in the card rack or mailbox.

6. Print With Quality

Your effort will go to waste if your printing quality is low. If you want it to be printed commercially, you can request your chosen printing service as to what you want your postcard to be. If you will print it personally, make sure to use the right printer, bleed, and paper stock. You can print a sample postcard for a trial and error test. It is a preferable step as it can also be an appearance-enhancing factor for your postcard.

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