Postcards make someone feel very special. Try to imagine receiving a greeting card. They usually tell you how awesome you are. Likewise, handing out postcards also creates the impression that you made an effort to communicate with the person in an exceptional way. Although handing out postcards are cute, you might find it challenging to create one. If that's the case, then feel free to use our beautifully designed postcard templates. These templates are readily and easily downloadable, editable, and printable for your convenience. What more can you ask for? All our postcard templates are completely customizable. Do you want to create invitation cards, thank you cards, business cards, or any kind? We have the best-designed templates to catering all your business endeavors. 

How To Create A Basic Postcard?

A postcard is typically a rectangular piece of paper that is used for writing and mailing someone without an envelope. There are many uses of postcards, such as information, propaganda, invitation, and greetings. With that said, it's essential to make a good design for your basic postcard. Do you find it challenging to create your basic postcard? Well, we have a few tips to guide you accordingly.

1. Be Wise With Your Color-Use

Whether you wish to invite people for your upcoming event or to advertise your products and services, make sure to use colors that are relevant to your message. Primarily when you use postcards to initiate business deals with your prospects, make sure you use branding colors. If you're using postcards for business transactions, use white or black as your background color. Using such colors establish a modern and professional look for your postcard.

2. Personalize Your Message

Especially when you're making a business postcard, it's best to write your message in a personalized way. If you wish to create a corporate postcard or an invitation postcard, make sure to address your recipients with endearment. Doing so makes your recipients feel like they're directly involved with your organizational endeavors. Upon writing the message, don't forget to introduce yourself or the organization. Remember that your prospects want to know who they're working with.

3. Feel Free To Include Appropriate Photos

Although the message is the only thing that's important in your postcard, it would be better to make it stylish and creative. When using photos as the background design, make sure they're relevant to your message. If you give out postcards to initiate business deals, you may use an image of officemates or a management team conversing. Make sure that you use high-resolution photos. Likewise, don't forget to adjust the image size according to the size of your postcard. The moment you decide to use photos, determine your layout. Decide whether you'll make a vertical or horizontal postcard. Then, make adjustments for your photo. To help you improve your photography skills, refer to our photography flyers.

4. Use Standard Elements

Since you're making a basic postcard, you don't need to pressure yourself. Try using the standard elements of a postcard; make it simple. Such elements include the company logo or a relevant vector graphic (for greetings), the headline, fonts, whitespace, and color. However, that doesn't mean you won't make your postcard stand-out. You may also use scented sheets to make your recipients more special.

5. Ensure There Is A Response

If you happened to use a basic postcard for invitations, don't forget to include the RSVP. RSVP stands for the French phrase, "repondes s'il vous plait" which means "please respond." The RSVP is usually at the bottom part of the postcard. However, you can also put it somewhere else as long as it does not ruin the design of your postcard. Then, don't forget to write "save the date" because it makes your recipients bound to your invitation.

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