How to Create a Basic Certificates in Adobe Illustrator

Basic Certificates are evidence of success or an award provided when you have won, finished, or participated in a project, event, or even when you graduate in school. Certificates are given by the coordinator of an event, the teacher or principal of a school, or by company managers. There are many types of certificates, and it depends on the purpose. The purpose can be for multipurpose, award, training, graduation, completion, or recognition. They are called according to their purpose; it can be called a participation certificate, award certificate, or appreciation certificate. If you are planning to give a basic certificate but having difficulties in how to make one, then you visited the right website. We have various types of certificates that you can download, and we prepared steps for you to follow.

1. Choose an Editing Software

We are now in the modern age, so it is a given that you are going to make your certificate digitally. You can't start editing if you don't have editing software to use. We recommend using Adobe Illustrator because it has enhanced features that will upgrade the quality of the certificate. It is also accessible on any device like your mobile phones and Mac.

2. Highlight the Recipient's Name

The purpose of a certificate is to recognize the effort and achievement of a person. That is why it is important to emphasize their names on the certificate. To reach this goal, use fonts that are elegant and formal but is still readable even in one glance. You can try all fonts that are available to have trial and error of what is best for the recipient's name.

3. Insert Details

It is essential to include on the certificate small details about the award. The details include the name of the organization or company, date, venue, and what the certificate is all about. You can place these details above or below the recipient's name in the best readable fonts.

4. Add Design

Even though you are making a basic certificate, it will still look boring if you will not add minor designs. To make it look simple and basic, add the logo of your organization or company. You can place it at the top corner, center, or bottom corner of the certificate. Also, try out some colors that will complement your document and use it is as a soft background or the color of the fonts.

5. Proofread then Print

To avoid grammatical errors and minor design defects, proofread and double-check everything before you print. The most important thing you need to proofread is the recipient's name, so better be sure that their name is in the correct spelling. Use parchment paper as a material of your certificate because this paper is intended for certificates. Place the certificate in an envelope by the time you will hand it out to the recipient.

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