How to Design a Real Estate ID Card?

Burglary and trespassing are some of the most common business security concerns, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics. ID cards serve as a security tool for any company. It serves to identify any employee and staff working for companies and a layer among the security protocols that prevent an unwanted security breach. Learn how to design a simple ID card with the tips provided below.

1. Start with the ID Card Layout

Start with the layout of the ID Card. Using a layout, you can plan the overall arrangement of the ID card's features. You can freely adjust and improve the elements found within the ID.

2. Add the Company Name and Logo

Aside from identifying the staff working from your company, IDs need to identify what company it belongs to. Add the company's name and logo to make the ID card appear as your company's official property.

3. Add the Company's Contact Details

In case the ID card is lost, you can encourage the finder of the ID card to return the lost ID by providing the real estate company's contact number. Make sure that you provide the address and contact details.

4. Dedicate Space for the Employee's Photo

For the sake of identification, each ID card must have a dedicated space for employee . The photo size should be big enough so that facial identification is easy.

5. Dedicate Space for the Employee's Details

An ID should have basic information about those under your company's employment. The information section of the ID card should have the employee's complete name, contact number, and position that they occupy in the company.

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