Give due and proper recognition to those who contribute significant inputs or make achievements in their profession. How do you do that? Well, by awarding people with some well-made certificates that you can choose from our professional Real Estate Certificate Templates. These easily editable certificate samples are available to download in both desktop and smartphones. They are also available in a variety of file formats like Adobe PhotoshopMicrosoft Word, and Apple Pages. Don’t delay, subscribe, and start downloading now!

How to Create a Real Estate Certificate?

Whether it’s for a fully-fledged broker or a trainee, a certificate serves as a suitable piece of tangible recognition for outstanding work in construction real estate. After all, as described by Merriam-Webster, a certificate serves as official written proof of someone’s achievement in a particular field.

However, maybe you’re not sure about how to go about making one. If so, no worries—just have a quick read through our tips (below) on creating a certificate!

1. Set Up the Orientation Layout and Margins

Go ahead and open a new file/document in your chosen processing software (e.g., MS Word, Apple Pages, and so on). Before putting together the actual content of the certificate, it’s important to first pick which orientation to use and measure how large the margins will be. For the orientation, certificates are usually set to landscape style, but going with a portrait orientation can also work. And, if you plan on framing the certificate before presenting it, make sure to set the margin appropriately to prevent the content from being obscured.

2. Add a Border Design or Background

For the aesthetics of your academic or non-academic certificate, choose a graphic design for either a background or a border. Going with both could work, but you’ll need to make sure the colors and design for the background are subdued enough to make the border pop out. Ensure that the border also stays within the margins; though, for the background, keep it stretched over the whole page.

3. Compose the Main Content

The next part to work on in your document is the written content. You’ll have to add text boxes by using your preferred application’s specific option for it (most likely under an Insert tab). Align the text boxes in the center of the page and resize them as needed. The title/header and the awardee’s name are usually made to be the largest text in an award or appreciation certificate.

4. Incorporate Relevant Images

Lastly, adding the logos of one or several associated companies/organizations might be necessary. When inserting the image files, position them in one of the upper corners, in the top center, or beside one of the text boxes in the middle. Remember to use graphics files that have a transparent background.

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