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Available with original content, our easy-to-edit real estate magazine templates help you create a minimalist or modern magazine layout suitable for marketing your real estate projects, residential and commercial property listing, apartment listing, or real estate agent. At, it only takes minutes to finish an advertisement magazine for real estate. 

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If you are making a portfolio of your real estate construction projects, home interior design projects, real estate company services, residential property realtors, property mortgage brokers, or real estate agents, choose for your convenience. Select, edit, and print for free any magazine design format. Mix and match until you achieve your envisioned layout. Then, download your copy in PDF or PNG. 


  • How often do magazines come out?

      Usually, companies can produce or distribute magazines weekly or monthly. Also, you need to be three months ahead if your distributing magazines every month. 

  • Why do magazines release a month early?

      If you're wondering why you would see a magazine June issue in May, for example, it's because the companies want the consumers to feel that their magazine is current. Usually, if consumers still see a magazine from last month, they would automatically think that it's an old issue.

  • How much does a local magazine ad cost?

      According to Small Business Chron, a local magazine can cost a few hundred.

  • What are the four types of real estate?

      The four types of real estate are commercial, land, industrial, and residential.

  • Does magazine advertising still work?

      You might have heard that magazine advertising has been declining over the past years, but you can still count on magazine advertising, regardless. According to Business Town, people believe that print ads are more credible compared to online advertising. So, yes, although not 100%, magazine advertising still works.