Real Estate Quotation Templates

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What is a Real Estate Quotation? 

A residential or commercial real estate companies use quotation to document everything that a buyer has to pay for. It is a comprehensive breakdown of products or services and expenses that are owed by the buyer to a seller, whether it is a company or an individual.

How to Write a Real Estate Quotation?

Imagine you are an agent and you have to provide a detailed estimate of the total price a buyer has to to pay for a residential property that has high-value location. How do you do this? By writing a quotation. You can learn more about this with the tips we have provided below.

1. Study the Format

Before you even start with the calculations and product lists, learn the format of writing a professional real estate quotation. A format is necessary to keep the items in order to keep it comprehensive and not confusing.  

2. Plan Out the Layout

After the format, make a plan for the quotation's layout. Your format will be the center of this layout and you can improve it by adding some details. Try to be creative.

3. Add the Company/Seller Details

It will be advantageous for your business if your clients will return to purchase properties from you. To enable your clients to contact you again, You should add your company name, address and contact information in your quotation. This will also serve as advertising.

4. Add Up Items and the Total Amount Owed

Now that you have a complete blank quotation form, you can now add the items and their corresponding prices. You can now calculate the total amount of money owed to you.

5. Clarify Payment Methods

Finally, to complete your real estate quotation, you must indicate the different payment methods your client may choose. It could be cash, bank transfer, etc. Specify and wind up the document. 


  • How to start a real estate business?

      You can start it like any other businesses, first find capital to fund your business, then gather the necessary papers so that you can register as a legitimate business, Complete your tax arrangements and pay the necessary fees. You can also join the relevant business associations in your locale. Of course do not forget to hire the necessary personnel so that you can run your business smoothly.

  • Is the profit from real estate worth it?

      Yes, because every property you sell costs at least a few hundred thousand dollars. A big sum of money if you think about it and if you are lucky and the property you want to sell has a high value, you can even sell it for millions of dollars.

  • Do you have to have a license to sell a property?

      No, to sell a property, you can approach a realtor, they will provide you with assistance in selling your property for a price, you and the realtor will have to agree on the percentage of the profit that you will share.

  • Can you own a real estate company without a license?

      No, it is illegal to operate any business without the proper license and paperwork, if you own a business without a license, you could get sent to jail.

  • What is an invoice?

      An invoice is a form that details the product or service and the total amount of money that a customer owes a seller once these are provided.