Status Report Templates

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    What Is A Status Report?

    A status report is a formal document that is used to track an update of a project or process. This type of document serves as a summary guide on what is the current status of a given project. For instance, if there is an ongoing project, one could make use of a status report to oversee the issues, progress, and the goal of the given task. As a whole, an effective status report displays the development of a project through time.

    How To Create A Status Report

    For you to come up with a good status report, you need to consider the resources that you can utilize in your overall report actualization. As a start for your status report creation, you can refer to our gathered report templates above that are guaranteed downloadable to all of your available layout application. We also want to extend our help by rendering you our guidelines in making a status report.

    1. Focus And Set A Specific Goal

    If you are managing a large-scale project with multiple stakeholders that are involved, you need to establish a specific goal. These goals are beneficial for you, especially in writing your status report. On a separate sheet or checklist, list down the possible goal that you opt to achieve in your project. Also, you have to include determining the time frame or the duration desired report, whether weekly, monthly or annually.

    2. Gather All The Necessary Data

    Usually, status reports would entail a lot of figures and numbers, especially if you purposely decide to have one for your financial status. With this given fact, make sure that you'll gather all the relevant information that would make your status report a valid one. If you opt to have a report for your project status, you can refer and research your previous status report so that you can compare and contrast the data.  

    3. Write The Report Content Comprehensively

    Effective communication is one of the key components that you need to consider upon writing your status reports. For you to communicate effectively, make sure that you write your simple report in an accurate and straight to the point tone. Understandably, you want to inject more information as you want to; however, you need to consider that it is decipherable to the general audiences. Additionally, you can also include inserting graphs or charts, primarily if your status report would entail statistics.

    4. Utilize An Appropriate Layout App

    In your report layout, you can freely utilize the program application that would cater to your needs. However, you must consider its features and tools for you to come up with a good report document. However, we recommend you to make use of file programs such as Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel for they offer standard specifications for report layout. 

    5. Download Our Available Template Files

    Undoubtedly, having one report document is would take much of your time. For you to maximize your effort in a span of time, feel free to browse on our sample report templates that would guarantee you an easy layout process.