Roofing Contract Templates

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How To Write a Roofing Contract?

roofing contract template

According to, a roofing contract is a written agreement between a contractor and client that defines the services and the work, including warranty, so everything's clear early on. Thus, both roofing contractors and building owners may use this simple contract to outline the terms of replacing, renovating, or completing a new roofing project on existing or new commercial buildings, homes, or other structures. 

May it be a commercial roofing contractor, residential roofing contractor metal roofing contract, you must follow a certain set of rules just to make an exceptional proposal. Having a contract can help you, as the roofing contractor, payment or defend against claims. Thus, a roofing contractor is crucial to your organization's prosperity, whether it is to provide direction or boost revenue. But how are you going to write a roofing contract? Here's how!

1. Write Down Names And Contact Details

Make sure to write down the names of both parties involved and the project's name. Next, include the company contact details including company address, phone number, email address, license number, or ID. Remember to place these at the topmost part of the paper along with the logo.

2. Include Job Description

In this section, list down the job agreement of the contractor and the duty hours. Also, include the provision of labor as well as the tools. Note that your roofing projects require materials to be used, so you need a supplier for those. Choose your equipment supplier wisely. 

3. Duration of the Contract and Dispute Issues

In this section, you need to write the time frame of the project, the starting time as well as the completion date. Moreover, if your money, company, and assets are engaged, it's better to be secure. In the occurrence of conflicts, the agreement should have a clause on how to handle the problem, particularly if it is an infringement issue.

4. Ensure To Include Price Details

As stated in, it is a good practice to combine the items so the homeowner knows exactly what’s being done and how much each aspect of the work is going to cost for the roof remodeling. Include roofing costs for both materials and labor. Thus, make sure to include details and pricing for every option discussed and agreed to. Lastly, specify the brand of roofing products to be used, such as type, a color blend of asphalt shingle, type of underlayment, ice dam protection, starter strip as well as other items, such as plywood to replace decking, vapor barrier, flashing, roof vents, wind turbines or other roof structures, and soffit and fascia.

5. Print Out Your Roofing Contract Form

Print out your finalized contract in your own high technology color printer. If you're not satisfied with the result, try printing again until you think it's perfect enough. Take note to use the finest kinds of paper for printing pays. No matter what you print or how good your design is, your investment will be lost if you have a poor print job.