Security Reports Templates

It Is Important To Word Out Reports Of Any Incidents Involving Security. With Our Free Security Report Templates, You Will Have An Easy Time Writing Information On What Happened. We Have Professional Samples You Can Use To Format Reports Of Suspicious Activity Both In Cyberspace And The Real World. Download Them Now From!See more

What Is a Security Report?

A security report is a document written by security personnel that serves as an assessment sheet for the day's happening. This is important, whether it be minor or major, as this will help assess security and determine uncontrolled hazards. Through this, the security may come up to improved regulations to implement that will further tighten security and avoid possible conflicts. This can also be used to keep track of the daily activities inside and around the company or the institution. 

How to Write a Security Report

security report template

Professionalism is required in writing this kind of report. Aside from the head or the security supervisor, there are other legal authorities that constantly check the security of the place and ensure the safety of the people inside the place. This can also be used in lawsuits and court proceedings if needed. Since you are stating a fact and important information, you have to write it concisely and is easy to comprehend. 

When writing a security report, you must include all the necessary information. Think that this goes the same as news writing but differ slightly on the format used. To make an effective security report, refer to the steps provided below. 

1. Follow the Right Format

As presented in the security report templates above, you have to follow the format used in writing this kind of work report. You have to state your name as the assigned security personnel, your position, the date and the time reported, and the incident location. With regard to the details, you have to add the date and time reported, specific location, and the name of the suspect. End this part with a synopsis about what happened. 

2. Write a Detailed Narrative Report

Write your narrative report with specific details and a sequential outline of what occurred. The reports must be comprehensible. Use simple words and prioritize clarity. Aside from clarity, you have to provide only the facts, no sugarcoated details. You should leave your reader well-informed not perplexed with details. 

3. Add the Contacts of the Persons Involved

For future references, always ask for a contact number of the person in charge so that it would be easy for you to contact them for further queries. 

4. Use the Inverted Pyramid Format

As mentioned earlier, writing a security report is slightly referred to as news writing. Therefore, it's fine to use the inverted pyramid style of presenting the information. Start with the most important part of the incident report down to its other details. All statements must be factual. 

5. Revise Your Security Report as Needed

Reporting vague and inaccurate information in your security report will lessen your credibility as a security officer. Keep being concise on detail. Use active words than vague ones. Fix your sentences and check if there is any redundancy. Read it on your own and think as you are one the readers, do you understand your piece? If not, then do revision. You cannot expect your reader to understand you and your activity report if at first, you cannot understand it on your own.