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What Is a Senior Resume?

Whether you find yourself a senior in high school or in college, there’s no doubt that it is an exciting time to be since you are just one step away from the very next stage of your life. A senior resume can help anybody from either educational level find work that is appropriate with their overall qualifications and competency. It may not be as decorated in comparison to the resumes of those who have been working for years, but there’s an earnest quality to these documents that few can deny.

How to Create a Senior Resume

senior resume template

There’s no use trying to come up with the perfect resume. Such a thing does not exist. Still, resume writing does not have to be herculean-level labor. All it takes to create a high-quality one is some know-how and the steps below should be more than sufficient for your needs. It’s worth noting that the best professional resume isn’t one with the most to say; it’s those that reflect the person in the best possible way, which is something to keep in mind when you need some resume tips. With that said, see for yourself how quick and easy it can be to write a good resume with following instructions.

1. Come Up with the Resume Design and Include Basic Information

The formatting is going to be an important detail regardless of what kind of formal document you are coming up with. Once you have decided on that, proceed to write about your basic information so that recruiters can learn a bit more about you personally before moving on to other relevant details.

2. Write Down All of Your Scholastic Achievements

Were you an honor student? Did you display exemplary proficiency in a certain academic field? Regardless of what you’ve accomplished, it is necessary to write them all down. As a senior, there’s not much—if any at all—that you’ve accomplished professionally, so don’t hesitate to expound upon what you’ve done in school.

3. Add Any Extracurricular Achievements

Beyond stating where you’ve gone to school, it is also worth taking note of any scholastic achievements that may not have taken place within the classrooms. Things, like running for student body president or participating in volunteer work, can reveal qualities about your character that are just as attractive to recruiters.

4. Proofread Everything that You’ve Written

The most important documents need to be impeccably written and printed resumes designed to get jobs for seniors are no exception. It would reflect badly on you as a candidate if there are any glaring errors, so be sure to double-check and fix anything that seems out of place.

5. Decide on Whether to Print or Send Digitally

Now that you’ve finished writing all of the necessary details, the time has come to decide on how your resume will be used. Many prefer to print it out and hand it over to recruiters personally, while there are just as many who go the alternate route of sending their resumes digitally. Be assured that either way is perfectly acceptable.

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