Vehicle Agreement Templates

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Vehicles are important for business. Without these, products and services won't be carried out in the fastest time possible. Using vehicles should have a legal approval in the business too. Make agreements on vehicles now with our Vehicle Agreement Templates! Each template is 100% editable and customizable. Legal experts also wrote original content in the templates, so there's no need for you to start from a blank document. With our templates, coming up with an agreement is just a breeze. Get better deals by signing up for our subscription plans now! 

What is a Vehicle Agreement?

Vehicle agreements are documents that buyers and sellers agree on for purchase, rental, lease, or sale of vehicles. This document comprises the terms and conditions that should work well for both parties. 

How to Write a Vehicle Agreement

Using vehicles for whatever purpose needs a legal backup in case of accidents and misuse. All information of the vehicles and both parties must be accurate. Terms and conditions are outlined and determined very well. If you need to write a vehicle agreement, read our helpful tips below. 

1. State the Name of the Parties

The first part of the agreement should state the names of the parties involved. Determine who is the buyer and the seller if it's a vehicle purchase. Include the agreement's date of writing as well. 

2. Determine the Desire

The agreement should enclose the desires of both parties. Both of their interests are expressed in this part. Determine the use of vehicles as well. Write the desires of both parties in an outline to make them more specific. 

3. Present the Terms and Conditions

Write the terms and conditions on the use, purchase, or rental of a vehicle. These terms should work well for both parties. Add some considerations on its use depending on the situation. Include the total amount and mode of payment. Some of the inclusions that you can write are warranties, disclosure, severability, buyer's responsibility, and modification. 

4. Affix Signature

Make your document legally binding by leaving spaces for signatures of both parties. Check your document to see if there are spelling or grammar errors. 


  • How long should an agreement be?

      There's no definite rules when it comes to the number of pages in an agreement. That depends on how a person writes the agreement and the number of terms and conditions. 

  • Do agreements function as contracts?

      Agreements only function as a contract if it is enforceable by law. One clause in this document should state that non-compliance to the terms and conditions of both parties can land either of them to jail. 

  • Are some vehicles rented to own?

      Yes, vehicles like cars are rented to own. In this kind of setup, you pay for the vehicle in installments before you can fully own it at the end of the contract term. It's much more advantageous on your part than leasing a car. 

  • How important are agreements in businesses?

      Agreements are important in businesses for the following reasons:

      1. Outlining the terms and conditions of both parties.
      2. Preventing misunderstandings between both parties while the contract is valid. 
      3. Enables both parties to know their rights. 
      4. Protects all of the people involved in the contract. 
      5. Minimizes any kind or risk. 

  • Can a vehicle agreement be terminated anytime?

      Termination of vehicle agreement can depend on how it is written. If a clause states about early termination or options of terminating the agreement, then it can be terminated anytime by either party. The termination should always be expressed in a written manner. This letter informs the other party about the termination and prepares him for it.