Work from Home Brochure Templates

With Drag-And-Drop Design Features, Lets You Create a Professional WFH Brochure Within Minutes. Simply Choose a Fillable Template and Customize Online the Suggestive Logo, Name, Headline, Tagline, Description, Images, Photos, Summary, Background, Vector, Illustration, and Contact Information. Edit and Print for Free!See more

Free Work from Home Brochure Template, Printable, Share Online, Download

Creating a WFH job posting via a Trifold or Bifold Brochure Layout is made easy with Our free online design tool offers drag-and-drop features and templates, with original content included, to help you create a modern brochure outline that attracts the potential perfect match. Whatever remote work or freelance job you are offering--freelance corporate coordinator, COVID telemedicine consultant, freelance home care provider, home-based office interior designer, or remote software development job--our template library offers free modern Brochure Templates printable in a4 size and sharable online.  

Customize WFH Brochure Online for Free and Download

Select any free Work from Home Brochure Template. Each free Brochure Layout Sample is fully customizable so that you can integrate your brand into the entire brochure design. Using our convenient text-editing features, specify job openings with work from home option or remote work setup. If your company holds a regular face-to-face meeting, feel free to spell it out. Further, you can also set the Brochure Outline to blank, modern, or simple designs. After editing, print or share across digital platforms and download for free in PDF or PNG.


  • What are the benefits of using brochures?

      1. They are easy to hand out.
      2. They can also be left in public places with heavy foot traffic.
      3. They are easy to make and are inexpensive.
      4. They are compact yet can hold lots of information.
  • What are the types of brochures?

      1. Bi-fold - A type of brochure that divides the layout into two equal panels.
      2. Tri-fold - A brochure type consisting of three equal columns to organizing large content.
      3. Gatefold - A variation of the tri-fold, but the side panels are simply used to cover the middle panel.
  • What are the elements of brochures?

      1. Cover design.
      2. Company’s background.
      3. Products or services offered.
      4. Eye-catching photos.
      5. Contact details and CTA.
  • How can you keep yourself efficient when working remotely?

      1. Dress as if you’re still going to the office.
      2. Set up an area specifically for work.
      3. Don’t hesitate to reach out to colleagues for clarification.
      4. Start on time, finish on time.
  • What is the benefit of working from home?

      Studies have shown that employees managed to save around $2,500 to $4,000 annually by working at home. This is the result of not eating outside, not paying for parking fees, and not buying gas for the car.