Nothing is more salient than outlining every scope of work, duty, and responsibility for employees who work from home. This circumvents from any potential quarrel or dispute between an employee and the company. So more or less, you need a well-written agreement for that. You can download from our array of Work from Home Agreement Templates so that you don't have to start from scratch. These templates are printable in US sizes. These are also easy to edit and use. Their professionally written content will surely be a massive assistance to you. Download a template today!

What Is a Work from Home Agreement?

A work from home agreement is a negotiation between employees and the company regarding work from home. This binding document gives a wide berth from any misunderstandings or disagreement to both parties.

How to Create a Work from Home Agreement

According to the report of Google called COVID-19 Community Mobility Reports, only 39% of employees are working at their offices. Basically, more people are working from home than those working at their workplaces. On the other hand, every work from home has to establish an agreement between the employees and their company. So, it's crucial to craft an agreement for this. To help you create a well-written agreement, check out the tips below.

1. Identify What It's For

In general, there are different kinds of agreements out there for work from home. To illustrate, identify if your agreement is for work from home job offer or employment contract, employee compensation agreement, or others. More or less, you have to use one agreement for a specific topic only.

2. Split It into Different Categories

Instead of writing a full paragraph of what the document is about, it would be quicker to split it into different sections. Each section or category should focus only on one or two topics. For example, you can divide it into sections like the nature of the agreement, the parties, warranties, general provision, and payment. In the end, when you do this, it would be much easier for both parties to scan it for information.

3. Itemize the Negotiated Terms

Your document should include the terms you and the other party has agreed upon. However, you can't be vague about them. Otherwise, your terms could be the root of disputes. Furthermore, you can create an agreement checklist for these terms to make them more specific before you place them on the final document.

4. Use Formal Language

Besides the terms and categories of the work from home agreement, you should also set your eyes on the language. Language plays a crucial part in your legal agreement. It's the rule of the thumb to use formal or legal language when writing an agreement. Formal language doesn't dwell on casual and informal speech.

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