Working from home is a different deal compared to working in an office. For one, the nature of their schedule is different. Being a remote worker allows you flexibility when it comes to your plans for the day. However, your program still has to be organized even though you are working remotely. Our Work from Home (WFH) Schedule Templates lets you create an organized time table without having to do it from scratch. Choose among the samples of original, ready-made templates that our team of experts crafted. Edit the template with ease and download it on your computer or smartphone. Select a ready-made template and organize your WFH schedule today!

What is a Work from Home Schedule

Smallbizgenius note that among the thousands of companies in the United States, only 16 percent hire full-time remote employees, according to Smallbizgenius. As such, to have an organized schedule would prove beneficial to both the remote worker and the company. Work from home schedule allows for proper planning of your schedule, whether it is daily or weekly.

How to Create Work from Home Schedule

Schedules are not challenging to make. All you have to do is produce a list of every activity you have planned or things to accomplish and organize them chronologically. Worry not, we have provided tips that can help you.

1. Gather your Planned Activities

When making a schedule, you have to arrange your goals and tasks that you have to accomplish and assemble them into a checklist so that you can begin organizing.

2. Organize them Chronologically

After gathering your planned activities, you have to organize them in chronological order. Take detailed but concise notes of these activities because you will have to add them to a schedule form later.

3. Select a Computer Program

After organizing the activities, you can now work on the computer to create a sheet where you can collect the dates and the corresponding activities. We suggest that you use a spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers, or Google Sheets.

4. Create a Timesheet

Using your spreadsheet program, you can now plot the dates and activities and organize them more comprehensively. Once you have planned everything in the sheet, you know have a complete timesheet.

5. Finalize

Finalize your schedule by adding personal details. You can even use colors to organize your self-made calendar and differentiate activities depending on your priorities.

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