Work From Home Sheet Templates

If You Want to Make a Timesheet, Spreadsheet, or Employee Attendance Tracker, You Can Do So with's Free Work from Home Sheet. They Are Ideal for Keeping Track of the Tasks and Daily Schedules of Employees Who Work from Home. Download Our Templates Now and Make Your Reports a Lot Easier!See more

What Are Work from Home Sheets?

Work from home sheets are basically documents that employees who are working from home use to keep track of certain data. These may include financial information, schedules, activities, and other data essential to the worker’s productivity.

How to Make Work from Home Sheets

According to a survey on the website, FlexJobs, 74% of the participants believe that working from home has become the new normal. With so many distractions at home, the use of sheets will help you monitor your productivity. Check out the guidelines below to help you make one for yourself. 

1. Determine the Purpose of the Sheets

The first thing that you need to do when making something is to determine its purpose. While “winging it” is what some people do, it’s not always reliable and will only waste your time. So, take a few minutes to determine why the worksheets are important and use it as your source of motivation.

2. Set the Sheet’s Layout

Setting the layout can be translated to deciding how you want your sheets to look. Basically, blank sheets consist of a group of cells that are arranged in columns and rows. When setting the format, determine how wide and tall the columns and rows are, respectively.

3. Plan Out What Content to Include

After setting the layout, start planning out what to include in your employee sheets. Is it going to consist entirely of text? Or is it going to include images or graphs? Whatever element you wish to include in your sheets, make sure to think it through.

4. Choose a Suitable and User-Friendly Software Application

When we say sheets, the top 3 software apps to use for making them are Google Sheets, Apple Numbers, and Microsoft Excel, of course. Depending on your operating system and personal preference, choose an app that allows you to fully customize your sheet’s content and layout.

5. Start Adding in the Sheet’s Content

Finally, you can start adding in the content of your work from home sheets. If you prepared a checklist of details to include in your sheet, which we strongly recommend, use it as your reference. This way, you can leave out some details that you realize are unnecessary to your sheets.


  • What are spreadsheets used for?

      Spreadsheets have so many uses, whether for personal or business purposes. Spreadsheets can be used for creating and analyzing statistics, computing finances, and rendering graphs, charts, and tables.

  • What are the different types of spreadsheets?

      1. Financial spreadsheets.
      2. Statistical spreadsheets.
      3. Graphical spreadsheets.
  • What type of work can I do at home?

      In reality, there are actually so many options to choose from. Below are some home-based jobs that fall under the top 10.

      1. Bookkeeping.
      2. Animation artist.
      3. Blogger.
      4. Customer service representative.
      5. Researcher.
      6. Data entry specialist.
  • How does a person earn money while at home?

      1. By working as a virtual assistant.
      2. By writing blogs.
      3. By answering internet surveys.
      4. By being an app or website tester. 
  • What are tips to work from home effectively?

      1. Set ground rules.
      2. Maintain a routine work and break schedule.
      3. Don’t skip meals.
      4. Move around the house during breaks.