Working at home can be a totally different experience, and some employees might not be able to adapt to it well. Before sending them to remote work mode, equip them with adequate knowledge with Work from Home Rack Card Templates. Creating rack cards is now easier. All you have to do is select one among the numerous ready-made templates available on this page, customize and download them on your computer or smartphone. If you are worried about the quality, let us tell you that the best industry professionals created these templates and they contain original content. Subscribe and get a template today and create that rack card right away.

What is Work from Home Rack-Card?

Work from home rack cards is like other rack cards, used for advertising. Except it provides useful information about working from home.

How to Make Work from Home Rack-Card?

According to Global Workplace Analytics, By early 2020, five million employees are working from home, and it is about to increase due to the current world situation. This why creating rack cards that are informative for people working from home is important. Learn how to create rack cards with tips below.

1 Design the Rack Card's Layout

The final look of the card depends on what the design of the layout is. There are many reference materials that can guide you if you are not familiar with layouts. For example, you can download any template from the gallery above to understand how to plan the layouts.

2 Select Images

Rack cards need to be visually appealing to attract public attention. To accomplish this, you should select photos that you can use in your rack card. What photos to look for? First, it must be royalty-free and uncopyrighted. Then it should be relevant to your topic, which is working from home.

3 Place Text and Fonts

Since rack cards are supposed to provide information, you will need to choose the proper font and font size. Keep in mind that you have a limited space to work with, thus to save space, make a checklist of the details, and follow it be concise.

4 Choose the Fitting Colors

Another thing that you should know if you want to make your card visually attractive is the proper use of colors. Try to learn the color theory. It can teach you a lot about how to use colors though you need to remember that your colors should fit your brand. To keep things simple, use your company logo colors.

5 Print

Once you have finished with the graphic design and the rack card is fit for presentation, you can now proceed to print. Choose the best stationery you can afford and have it printed. Check the quality of the prints before you distribute them.

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