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What Is a Work from Home Statement?

A work from home statement is a document that outlines the income and expenses of a company in a remote work setup. This statement can also contain policies on the work from home arrangement.

How to Create a Work from Home Statement

According to CoSo Cloud, 77% of employees are more productive when they work from home. If you're an employer and you're prioritizing the safety of your employees for whatever reason, you have to come up with a statement. Read our tips below in writing a work from home statement.

1. Gather Information

Before you start writing your statement, you have to gather information first about the matter. It can be about public health, keeping employees safe from the virus, or changes of jobs while working at home. Get the numbers and data you need for you to come up with a cohesive document.

2. Make a Layout

If it's a profit and loss income statement, you have to make a layout to put your numbers in. Make sure that these numbers are accurate and verified. You need to have the proper calculations before proceeding.

3. Write Content

If you're writing a policy statement or any other kind of statement that requires words, you need some accurate information. In writing this kind of statement, you have to start with a salutation and the reason for writing it. Include the purpose and scope of the statement. List down the policies that you have to implement to your employees.

4. Add Finishing Touches

Give your document a final run through. See if you can still add anything before printing it.

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