Work From Home Meeting Minute Templates

Extraordinary Times Call for Extraordinary Measures. Most Companies Nowadays Are Encouraging Employees to Work from Home Due to Unavoidable Circumstances. Download’s Basic or Creatively Designed Work from Home Meeting Minutes Template Samples for Formal and Informal Business, Committee, Nonprofit, or Project Meetings. Get Ready-Made Minutes Layouts to Record Highlights in the Meeting Agenda without Missing Important Parts. Download Today!See more

Whether it's a parent with little kids or a student looking for part-time work, a viable income option is taking a job that you can perform within their own home. There are certain Work from Home (WFH) jobs that still require cooperation with teams and doing online conference calls. If you're looking to help prepare distributable post-meeting notes, consider our Work From Home Meeting Minutes Templates! Use our professional content and keep fellow home-based workers reminded of discussion takeaways from group calls; available in a wide array of file formats. Don't wait and download today--create meeting minutes for non-office employees with our easily editable samples!

What Are Work From Home Meeting Minutes?

The Balance Careers points out that meeting minutes are documents containing notes taken during a meeting. These notes are distributed afterward as post-event reminders. As there are specific WFH jobs that involve having online group calls (like in BPO and education fields), meeting minutes still have their place in said situations.

How to Create Work From Home Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes are pretty useful when you need to report on the crucial bits from a meeting. Not sure how to make them yourself? No problem--our tips (below) have you covered!

1. Your WFH Meeting Minutes Should Look Professional

When putting together meeting minutes, always remember that it should have a formal format, even for your home-based peers. So, before typing anything down, take the time to format the page layout properly.

For a WFH meeting minutes document, take note of the two following items: keep the contents within a margin (usually 1 inch in length) and set the page orientation to a portrait or vertical format.

2. The Title and Opening Details

After opening and formatting a new document in your processing software, the first bit to write down is the meeting minutes’ title. The title has to be indicative of the contents, so make one half reserved for the company’s name and the relevant department, with the other half containing the general topic and the label “Meeting Minutes.”

With the main title finished, write down the meeting’s participants, absentees, time, and date. Since WFH meetings are usually online, indicate that the meeting was in a chat group instead of a physical venue.

3. Your WFH Meeting’s Agendas and Topics

After the initial section of your meeting minutes, start working on the primary content--the conference’s main takeaways.  Write down a concise description of each entry, putting all the details together into a list of bullets or subheaders.

4. Actions and Events from Your WFH Meeting

Besides the meeting’s different talking points, there are also important occurrences that should be taken note of. Action items that are relevant include but aren’t limited to spontaneous topic additions and voting polls.

Once you have all the crucial points in your notes, it’s now ready for approval review and then distribution. Finally, if you’re looking for editable meeting minutes that’s compatible with Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and other processing software, then feel free to download our Work From Home Meeting Minutes Templates!


  • What should you include in WFH meeting minutes?

      1. Document’s title
      2. Participants’ names
      3. Meeting’s time & date
      4. The chat client used for holding the meeting
      5. Meeting’s agendas, topics, actions, and events
  • How long does it usually take to write WFH meeting minutes?

      A qualified professional is capable of completing WFH meeting minutes within just a few hours from the proceedings.

  • When should WFH meeting minutes be distributed?

      You have to release WFH meeting minutes no more than a week from the conference.

  • Do WFH meeting minutes need approval before being released?

      Yes, it is a must that WFH minutes meetings need approval first before distribution to other members. Typically, the person that held the call should review and approve the notes before release.

  • Who's responsible for taking down notes during a WFH meeting or conference call?

      An assistant or secretary should be tasked with writing notes for WFH meeting minutes.