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What Is a Work from Home Invoice?

A Work from Home (WFH) invoice refers to the bill or document that a company or working individual sends to his or her clients to ask for payment. As reported by FlexJobs and Global Workplace Analytics, the people who are working from home rose to 7.9% from 2016 to 2017. Right before the COVID-19 pandemic started, people have shown more interest in remote work. To add, working from home is not different from working from the workplace because you still need to create invoices to track sales and client transactions.

How to Create a Work from Home Invoice

If you want to create a WFH invoice that is well-made, and easy to understand, read the tips below so we can help you out.

1. Create an Invoice Information Section

To make your invoice more informative, you can write the essential details like the invoice date, invoice number, client name, address, and the mode of payment. This information will help you differentiate the invoice from other similar documents. It would even be helpful if you listed this details in a matrix for better organization and neatness.

2. List the Goods or Services

In your basic invoice, properly arrange the goods or services you delivered to the client in your matrix. To illustrate, you may write landscaping or web development in your services category. You can specify how many units you've delivered in a different column, perfect for product-producing businesses. Moreover, the goods or services should be detailed and correct.

3. Provide the Right Prices

Prices are one of the essential contents of a sample invoice. The rates should be in a columned and neat structure. Also, remember to breakdown and highlight how much the final payment is for the client to reimburse.

4. Write the Terms

Whether it's a freelance or contractor invoice, you should include the terms. These agreements may consist of when the payment is due.

5. Personalize the Look

Not that you need to create an artistic invoice, but you may add pints of colors on it. You can add complimentary light colors or the signature color of your business. You may even add your logo. Lastly, the content of the simple invoice should be visible even with the colors in the background.

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