What Is a Work from Home Notice?

A work from home notice pertains to a document that contains information, violations, or updates regarding a Work from Home (WFH) set up in a company that an employee may receive. The FlexJobs and Global Workplace Analytics stated that employees who chose to be remote workers increased to about 7.9% in the USA. On the other hand, most individuals are aware of the sudden pandemic called by the COVID-19 coronavirus, which caused a lot of employees to work from home.

How to Write a Work from Home Notice

If you have news or information for your employees about the WFH set up, you can use the tips below to make a notice.

1. Use Concise Sentences

Your notice letter has to contain easy to read sentences. First, your staff or recipients are very busy workers, and you wouldn't want them to take lots of time to read the notice. So, use concise sentences for better comprehension.

2. Be Specific with the Details

Your notice should always be specific. This communication tool should easily convey the message to its recipients. To achieve that, you should be very specific with the details. In particular, if the employees have to vacate the office due to office disinfection, then explain why and when it will happen. This way, your message is clear.

3. Be Formal

Since you're in the corporate environment, you need to follow the rules like keeping your letter formal. The formal language will show respect to your recipients, and vice versa. Strictly shy away from unnecessary informality or casualness to show that you're serious in your formal letter.

4. Sign the Letter

Lastly, it's essential to sign a professional letter. You can add your email signature to the notice. This way, the recipients will recognize the email and make it valid. If you have to print the message, then provide your manual signature for the same reason.

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