Certain time arises when we need to work from our homes, like in the ongoing COVID19 pandemic. With 18% of the American population working remotely, you might get the chance to experience it if you have a good reason. Our Work from Home Proposal Templates can help you convince your employer to let you do your tasks at home. Every template comes with 100% customizable and original content in this collection. Using them, writing your proposal will become easier on your part. These templates are also available for instant download, editing, and printing. Subscribe now to start downloading our templates! 

What is a Work from Home Proposal?

A work-from-home proposal is a document that outlines the conditions to be met by the employees if they decide to work in the convenience of their homes. Employees usually write this kind of proposal to convince the employers to agree with the terms and decisions written in the letter or document.

How to Write a Work from Home Proposal

The website Flexjobs said that 4.7 million people work remotely from their offices. There are reasons why some people choose this over an office-based setup. If you have a valid reason for taking work from home setup, you can always express your intention with a proposal.

Read the tips below for writing a work-from-home proposal.

1. Explain the Reason

You have to be honest about the real reason why you want to work from home. It could be for your family or any other valid reason. Either way, an office setup or a home setup doesn't affect the money you earn monthly whatever your job is.

2. Draft a Plan

Before writing your plan, you have to tell your employer why the work from home, or WFH, suits your situation. When writing your plan, begin by telling your boss how you will go about with your work when you're at home. Enumerate the adjustments that you have to make when you start the WFH setup. You also have to include plans on achieving your daily target and communicating with your team.

3. Provide Solutions to Potential Problems

With every change comes big problems. List the possible problems and solutions that may arise when you work from your home. Assure your employer that you would not be compromising on any business terms, targets, projects, etc. in your proposal report.

4. Align Your Objectives

Make sure that when you work from home, your objectives align with the employers. As long as you've explained the benefits of the work from home arrangement there's nothing you should worry about.

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