Work From Home Request Letter Templates

You Just Had a Successful Job Application but You Need to Work from Home. Don't Worry About It, Simply Ask Permission or Send a Proposal with's Free Work from Home Request Templates. State Your Reasons to the Manager, Be It Due to COVID, Pregnancy, or Personal Reasons, and You'll Be a Work-From-Home Employee Soon. See more

Pregnancy, illness, and transportation—these are just some of the reasons why an employee may request to work in a work-from-home arrangement. If you're planning to request the said arrangement to your employer, we have the perfect ready-made Work From Home Request Letter Templates that you can download and use. These templates come in an editable format and content; these are perfect to use when you want to work during maternity leave or sick leave. They are available in Word, Apple Pages, and Google Docs file formats. Get permission from your manager with the help of our templates now!

How to Write a Work from Home Request Letter

Most companies require that you send a request letter if you want to work from home. The letter serves as your application to work in such an arrangement. If this is the case for you, we have an easy guide you can follow about writing a request letter to work from home.

1. Write the Inside Address

The inside address consists of the name of the receiver, address, and contact details. It should be written on the topmost part of the letter following a business letter format. 

2. Use Formal Salutation

The salutation is the opening greeting in a letter; it can be formal or informal. Since you are writing a professional request letter, it is appropriate to use a formal salutation. The most used salutation is the greeting "Dear," followed by the receiver's title and last name. 

3. Be Concise and Direct

Since you are requesting to work in a work-from-home setup due to personal reasons or health-related issues, your letter must immediately state that in the introduction. Only add relevant details in your letter, i.e., why you're requesting the arrangement, when would you like to start, what guarantees can you provide, etc. Be straightforward with your point.

4. Ask for Help

If you're having difficulty writing the letter, ask for help from your colleagues or online. There are many online forums where people will chip in to help you out and websites with ready-made templates that you can use, like 


  • What are the good reasons to work from home?

      There are a lot of reasons why working from home can be beneficial, such as:

      1. Medical reasons/Doctor's advice
      2. Family emergency
      3. Transportation problems
      4. Jury duty
      5. Sick kids
      6. Mental health break

  • What are the parts of a request letter?

      The following are the essential parts of a request letter:

      1. Inside and Return Addresses
      2. Date
      3. Salutation
      4. Body of the letter
      5. Complimentary close
      6. Signature line

  • What are the file formats for the work-from-home request letter templates in

      The request letter templates on the website come in various file formats, including but not limited to Microsoft Word, PDF, Google Docs, and Apple Pages. These templates are all easily editable and compatible with most devices.

  • Can an employee work from home permanently?

      Companies have different policies regarding working from home. Some allow their employees to have a few work-from-home days, while others permanently work on a remote setup.